torsdag 10 mars 2016

Added a part

Been busy trying to get everything done at the same time, as always. Preparing tours for the bands I'm in and making the label alive as well as trying to find time and energy to update the distro some more.

Anyhow!! I've added a part here called Crime Enough? which is a zine and event thingie me and my soulmate who's running Crime City Clothing has been doing. We created a zine, or well, folded A3 poster to promote our stuff. A physical issue we'll try to make every now and then. If you like you can download it, save the pictures, from where you find it here on the site. Shows are booked in the same name, as a part of Not Enough and Crime City Clothing.

More about the label as well.

Planned releases this year has came to these:

Ursut - köp dig lycklig - LP    sending this one of to the pressing plant any day soon, just waiting for the finally calculations from the pressing plants to see which one we shall go with. Really exiting to get this one out since we've been getting some time recording this one as well. BUT soon!!

Voidfiller s/t 12"    gonna be sent of to pressing this week. Feels super great to get this one rolling as well, made two raw and dirty recordings a few months ago, the demo tape got released and now we're ready to get the 12" for your pleasure!! Gonna be interesting to see what you guys think about this!

Just in a week or so I hope to see the Insidious Process LP:s here as well, the covers got fucked and the pressing plant needed to make a new batch. Anyhow! It's in the making and ready any day soon I hope!

Later plans is still the Life / Zudas Krust split 7", on from that we have decided to do a cooperation with our Dannish anarchy punk friends Dårligt Selskab, gonna be awesome! And as planned we'll make a third 12" with Crutches, the progress in the song making has been great, but we need more time to finish the rest of the material, due to awesome tours coming up and a high bar to strike when we want to make even better material by every time we're at it!!

Busy schedule, but why not!!?

/ O

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