tisdag 20 oktober 2015

Voidfiller - new band of....ours

Wanna give you an update on things. Me and some really great friends created a new European colaboration band called Voidfiller. Have a listen here if you like raw and brutal dirtcrust


fredag 2 oktober 2015

Up to make some more of it

Decided to make it a bit more, this because the situation of what I have, that is I'm getting more time than I had in a couple of years.
I do now offer the service to print your bands merch, that is t-shirts, patches, back patches and also pins if you like. So that info you can get at the MERCH MAKING section.

Making the best of our current situation of the webshop as well, progress is that we've gotten, it's kind of running now and hopefully I can make that as a test run with in the coming weeks.

But first we'll be over in Finland with Crutches next week, here's the dates:

8 OCT - FIN Turku, TVO, w/ Darfur
9 OCT - FIN Helsinki, Lepakkomies, w/ Kovaa Rasvaa, Better not born, Darfur and Vuosi nolla
10 OCT - FIN Tampere, Vastavirta, w/ Kovaa Rasvaa, Better not born, Darfur and Vuosi nolla


till then my friends / Oskar