söndag 8 oktober 2023

Swordwielder represses and merch

 Swordwielder update.

Got represses of both the recent Wielding metal massacre mini LP and their previous System overlord LP. Released by their own Wielding metal massacre recordings.

Officially distributed by Not Enough.

Got a box of their first fullength release Grim visions of battle CDs so all that you can and want to get by the band is here.

All with this I’ve printed a bunch of shirts, back patches and patches.

Order via:


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måndag 28 augusti 2023

Visions of war, the lost tapes. A bottle to far - session re-noised 2002 LP OUT NOW

 Yes! OUT NOW!

20 plus, years old recordings from my sweethearts.

Visions of war, the lost tapes. A bottle to far - session re-noised 2002 LP

Dirty old recordings brought back to life and now 20 plus years after recording, released in the feeling of how it was back in the days when this took place. 

Comes with a booklet to tell some stories, memorized by Lölö. 

recorded live in may 2002 

in squatted amsterdam by dejan aka master of kaos 

the 8 other songs of that session had been released 

on the split lp with olho de gato (2002) 

sound files fixed 2023 by Mattias Persson



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torsdag 20 juli 2023

偏執症者Paranoid , S.C.U.M. - 7” OUT NOW

偏執症者Paranoid , S.C.U.M. - 7”
The latest of Northern Wind of Brutal Hell Mangel, S.C.U.M. 7”
As brutal and raw as you know these guys by now. An awesome follow up to their previous release and as hard and brutal as we could hope for.
With some addition vocals by Jacky and backing vocals by Sakana recorded in Japan, this release just needs a full volume of brilliance.
Release will also be available by @beachimpediment as a one sided 12” within a couple of months.
Orders can be placed via our webshop, along side a limited edition t-shirt and a load of other goodies.

onsdag 3 maj 2023

偏執症者 (Paranoid) - S.C.U.M. EP

 偏執症者 (Paranoid) - S.C.U.M.

New 6 Track E.P. on @beachimpediment (US) and @notenough_records (EU) - COMING SOON!

Available in Europe from Not Enough Records and Available in the US from Beach Impediment Records

#偏執症者 #nwobhm #paranoid #hellnoise #beachimpedimentrecords #notenoughrecords

lördag 29 april 2023

Arsenik store, New location

 Officiall party opening stuff! Yes! Arsenik has a new location, and that means that we have a new place to share the madness of the Not Enough DISTRO. 

If in town, stop by. 

You are all welcome as long as you’re not an fascist, religious dumbass, sexist misogynist, homophonic moron or just an random idiot! 

#upthepunx #antifascist #arsenikbutik #arsenik 

torsdag 27 april 2023

Simbiose / Visions of War split 7"

Hellgian Visions of War teams up with Portuguese Simbiose for a brutal and uncompromising thunderstorm of a split 7". Co released with friends from the D.I.Y. community! Punk is Support!! Not Competition!

order your copies:


lördag 7 januari 2023

A3 foldout zine 2022 summarized


It just took a couple of days to get the printed version here.

A3 folded/foldout zineisch promotion collage stuff from of Not Enough 2022.

Comes with orders or if you like, for 1 SEK ordered via the 


From full blown out of my mind 60x80cm collages fit for this piece of paper.

Ok. Have fun you all.

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