torsdag 25 augusti 2022

Distro to be filled webwise


Let me introduce you all to my awesome friend Starfighter! Some of you might know him as the dude behind the d-beat pod Bomberna Faller.

He’s offered his soul, “service” to handle the inventory of the Distro. 

Yes you heard me right. He’s about to update our webshop with all that we can from the Dist And Confuzed Distro. I’m more than happy to have a friend like this, and I would never have the heart to ask for this kind of help. 

Forever greatful!! ❤️❤️

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tisdag 23 augusti 2022

More Distro!!!


We just bought the old Dist and Confuzed Distro. This has been stacked up in Halmstad for almost a decade. We decided to buy it all and now we have a pretty big inventory infront of us.

There’s a lot of great stuff that’s been in their vaults ever since, now we’ll be able to distribute it to you all. Just be patient with us. It’ll take a while to upload all in the webshop.

Thank you Christian for the great work you did in the past, co releasing stuff together with us and for others as well. This will hopefully be to some what of joy to the new generation as well.

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tisdag 16 augusti 2022

Vansinnets mun, Demon 2022 tape released now

Heavy metal döds käng from Ljungby Småland. With roots in the dark parts of the Swedish woods we hereby announce the first release of Vansinnets Mun. A mix of heavy metal and d-beat, inspired by the blackened crust tunes as well as their mania for guitar leads and rawk, you get this mouth of insanity fired out in your face. 

order your physical tapes here:

Digital release: