fredag 28 april 2017

Delays on the orders

As some of you guys noticed, we've been delayed on the orders and that's because DHL sent the vinyls to the wrong address....I will send out al the new orders as soon as I've gotten the batch I've been waiting for two weeks now. I'm so sorry for all the inconvenience it would have caused you'd....

tisdag 18 april 2017

Urinalvinyl distribution

As for a while ago we've had the pleasure to get a superb connection the UK punks via Urinalvinyl who's been pushing our releases in the UK.

Hit em up for our stuff and much more along side their own great releases!

torsdag 13 april 2017

two new mangelers ready for you's

The two new awesome manglers are out now, these will not be here until next week, but place your orders now if you like! Have it all available in the webshop as from now!

Utanförskapet black vinyl:ån-Livet-7-Z964.html

Utanförskapet orange vinyl:ån-Livet-7-LIMITED-ORANGE-VINYL-Z965.html

Life / Zudas Krust split 7" black vinyl

Life / Zudas Krust split 7" green vinyl