lördag 30 januari 2016

huge webshop UPDATE

Yesterday I spent more hours down the storage/store space than I have done in a long time, which meant a huge update to what we have available for you's!

Send of your orders now!!


/ Oskar

onsdag 27 januari 2016

Webshop .... new releases... more....

Hey you all!! new year and new....more..

I'm really happy to say that I've gotten the webshop back on track, I have a huge work to update it with all the available titles I have in the store/office space place. But it felt so great to finally be able to have something back from what all got fucked half a year ago.

New release to date pretty soon....well I don't really know exactly when I'll have it here... BUT this will be the new Insidious Process LP that'll be called Mirrors of the dead. As I got the latest updates it seemed to be close to delivery. But as always, there's no certain in that. Around this we plan to make a release show for this LP here in Malmö, at Harem Bar. Yes I know they are from Gothenburg, but how else would we have them down here?

If things goes as planned we'll sort some other good stuff out as well, more records and some other stuff that's been planned for a while, but no more about it until I actually get it worked out.

Some shows will be booked as last year, got a good wibe about it, and so did some of you's as well. Hope to start with the Insidious Process one. BUT not booked yet so....more... to be !!

Thanks for the suport!