fredag 8 november 2013


I will head of on tour with CRUTCHES the 13:th of December.
Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. This will be amazing!

more info will be found at the CRUTCHES site

fredag 6 september 2013

Visions of war, king of swines - LP

Heya!! I finally managed to get my ass out of the wagon. To much has happened lately and my head has not been at the right place, and a total computer breakdown which led to all programs and shit got lost, so I haven't managed to upload all the new info of the Visions of war, king of swines - LP
but now.. so

It's here and available to order! It's really fucking good so you'll be happy for sure!!

måndag 17 juni 2013

Bands on the go!

Been a while since I managed to update this!

We're happy to announce some new releases:
LP by Insidious Process in the works, corelease with Aborted Society
LP by Visions of War corelease with some different labels
split 7" w Krigskontrast/Skiplickers corelease by us Rawmantic

More distro stuff on it's way as well!
We'll bring some distro for the K-town fest, Punk Illegal and Hygget fest!
So see some of you's at any of these places!

fredag 26 april 2013

Distro Update!

Recieved an order from Distort Reality that included:
Truncheons 7"
Attack SS 7"
Zyanose 7"
Peroxide 7"
All awesome noisy d-beat records definitely well worth the buy!!

As well as this we got the new Parasit LP from D-takt och råpunk, really good shit!

Got the repress of the Institution 12" in stock as well.

Wen't to Germany with URSUT last weekend for the Malmö Harcore Invasion and we got our represses of the "Dårarnas Paradis" LP so all of you that's asked for LP:s, now we've got a bunch for sale again! And some really nice Pink ones. I made a boxset including the metal badge we've got for sale, t-shirt and LP so if interested. order that one.

lördag 16 mars 2013

Loads of new stuff!

Got the repress of the CRUTCHES 7" this week as well as the Lautstürmer LP:s

Along with this I've managed to upload the Contorture t-shirts plus some more good as stuff to order.

Picked up a loaded pack from Czech and INSANE SOCIETY RECORDS today as well so check the new titels in the store!!

torsdag 14 mars 2013

LAUTSTÜRMER LP:s arrived today!!

Finally we've gotten all the records here for our great release of Lautstürmer, Bedtime for humanity LP. WE've gotten some t-shirts printed for this as well so get your merch and records NOW!!!

lördag 9 februari 2013

Added distro stuff

Got a pacage from Aborted Society and Pissed off records this week, updated the distro with these:

Gasmask Terrör, discography CD
Coche Bomba, discography CD
Murderess LP  restock
Countdown to Armageddon tape
Age of Collapse LP
Adelit@s LP
Order of the Vulture 7"

tisdag 29 januari 2013

Lautstürmer TESTPRESS

Got the Lautstürmer "Bedtime for humanity" LP testpress today and as far as we know it sounds fucking awesome! Now we just have to see what the band thinks about this!

tisdag 15 januari 2013

Contorture "Who's in charge" 12" IS HERE!!!!

This first month of the year has already been super exiting, getting loads of things done, and the Contorture 12" just arrived a day ago. This was an extremely well spent week of preparing stuff!! Super exited about this!
We made 500 copies coreleased with Acclaim (Jap) and Halvfabrikat (SE)  100 limited copies on red vinyl.

go listen to the band if you like:

order here:

söndag 13 januari 2013

Herätys and work work work

Not Childlabour, just keeping the family business running!!

We managed to get the last 80 copies of hte Herätys 12" screenprinted and ready for orders this weekend. More than satisfied with this. Hope that you all will like it as much as we do! We did some shirts as well so go to the store and fill in your orders!!