måndag 12 februari 2024

new year and stuff

 Start of with a new zine…some REALLY short Q and A with the bands we released/worked with the past year and coming. I also wanted to highlight the awesome person Starfighter, he’s been helping me a lot with the webstuff, but it’s also to most of yours interest that he makes the Bomberna Faller pod with d-beat stuffs.

Anyhow. I want to give this as an appreciation to everyone supporting the label and distribution source we are. This zine thingie is for free of charge when ordering. Or if I manage to hand it out to various places.

2000 copies made. 12 pages of disturbing noise, 170g papers of weirdness.

#notenough #notenoughrecords #distro #zine #chaosart #disturbingnoise #lautsturmer #bombernafallerpod #visionsofwar #paranoid #swordwielder #freezine