tisdag 20 november 2018

Genöme noize is about to be released.

For a preview of the coming tape that we will release together with our friends Bullwhip and Doombringer records can be viewed here::

måndag 8 oktober 2018

Crutches SÅLD repress

We got the repress of the Crutches Såld 12"LP the other day. yellow spalleter on Green vinyl 333 copies available now! Managed to update the webshop with some other Crutches merch that hasn't been there so far. so Enjoy!

lördag 1 september 2018


Hey ya all!
It's been a crazy summer, crazy good and fully occupied as always. Orders has been placed and loads of records has been sent out. if there might be any issues regarding orders please send me an email since it seems like there's some of you's that hasn't gotten the messages about the payments that fucked up a bit.

Anyhow! Thanks a million for the support in making the distro/shop stuff survive. It's because of you guys that I'm still being able to do this.

There's a bunch of releases planned already. A repress of the Crutches Såld LP will arrive in a couple of weeks, this time with a green/yellow splattered version in 333 extra copies. Contorture new LP has also been scheduled, and that's a great feeling for sure, just need that extra detailing with the cooperations to be settled.
Osmantikos, Survival LP should be ready for the pressing plant within a decent period, really looking forward to this one.
A 7" release of the mighty raw manglers out of Bandung Indonesia, Kontrasosial Filthy Scum EP which is a killer for sure.
There will be a split tape release of Malmö manglers Anhedoni and Remiso. Killer stuff as I'm saying. Loads to look forward to.
And a split 12"/tape of Crutches and Kontrasosial has been planed as well. We hope to be able to have the tapes at least for the SE-Asian invasions in January when we will be doing a short tour with Crutches and Kontrasosial.

Besides all of this I've managed to separate the business a bit, as Mangel Productions is the place where you should go if you need merch, such as t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, patches, pins, banners. Yeah you know, the stuff needed for the need.

That's it for today then. More will be coming as we roll and do STUFF!!

Up the Punx!!

/ Oskar

söndag 24 juni 2018

ATTENTION holidays + paypal krångel

Hey you awesome people supporting us!
I just wanna thank you for all the support and all the orders that's been coming the past years. Realized that we had some problems with the connection to Paypal lately, so I've tried to reach out to all of you whom been placing orders and hoping to be able to pay via Paypal.  If you feel that there's some problems just write back to me: oskar.notenough(A)gmail.com (ohh replace the (A) with a magical @ to send some emails) and I'll get back to you ASAP!!

I'm getting out of the country tonight for two weeks so I can't deal with any orders and such till I'm back in Malmö again. I'm back here the 9:th of July, heading out for a short tour with Crutches and Ursut the 11:th so in-between of my arrival and the short trip I'll see to ship as much as I can.


lördag 16 juni 2018

Dis Is Malmö 2018 - Full mangel attack

It's here and I'll be at K-town today with a bunch of records. for your pleasure and my satisfaction of releasing this fucking brilliant record! Realized I've been talking about this release idea for more than 4 years already. 
All these great bands from the mangel capital!

lördag 9 juni 2018

New stuff Coming

Next week or so we'll have two new awesome releases.

The Dis Is Malmö 2018 LP comp will be here and as if that wasn't enough we'll have the new split LP with Lautstürmer and Remiso at the same time.

The excitement is overwhelming!
Have a listen to the preview of the split LP if you like.

tisdag 1 maj 2018

CRUTCHES - US East Coast Rat Invasion 2018

I'll be away for two weeks, this time we're heading to the US with Crutches. All orders will be shipped as soon as I'm back home again.
If you're in the states, you're more than welcome to hit us up! 

May 3rd - NYC 
Venue - HECK
... with FLOWER, HBR

May 4th - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Venue - Ask a Cousin 

May 5th -Washington, DC
Venue - SLASH RUN 
Address - 201 Upshur St NW

May 6th Richmond, Virginia 
Venue - V.S.C.

May 7th - Columbia, SC 
Venue - TBA 

May 8th Asheville, North Carolina 
Venue - Static Age Records 
Address - 110 N Lexington Ave. Asheville, North Carolina 28801

May 9th Cincinnati, Ohio
Venue - Junkers Tavern
Address - 4156 Langland St, Cincinnati OH 45223

May 10th Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Venue - The Shop
Address - 3520 Charlotte Street 15224 Pittsburgh PA

May 11th Baltimore, Maryland
Venue - The Sidebar 
Address - 218 E Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21202
With Joe Biden, Bellicosas, Shot Tower

May 12th New Jersey 
Venue - The Meatlocker 

fredag 30 mars 2018

Anatomi 71 and Korsfäst 12":es FINALLY here

As DB Schenker seem to having a pleasure holding our shares of vinyls for almost two weeks there were no way I dared to upload any release date for these two new awesome ones. Now I've finally manged to get them here and added the two different versions of both of them to our webshop. so please feel free to place your orders now!! Super exited about these two!!

söndag 7 januari 2018

Lautstürmer 7" uploaded on bandcamp

As I've been totally unfocused more than once and there not able to upload the brilliant 7" until now, I'm happy to have it here for your pleasure!

It's just to push play and turn up the volume!