måndag 7 juni 2021

Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP rerelease 2021

 Here's a preview of our first official rerelease ever so far.

Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP

This has been one of my favorites a long time. Feels like I've spinned this a million of times and digitally. Brilliant it is in my book! Hope to see the light of day this summer 2021.

Cover's been extremely fixed and retouched by my dear friend Andreas Nilsson, just to make it look as the original, but now ”different”. Sound files not adjusted but fixed for pressing by my dear friend Mattias Persson. This will just be totally awesome. If you haven't heard this before, this will be the time for it. Just saying. More updates when we know about them.

Pressing is helped and handled by my awesome friend Mirek.

/ Oskar

fredag 14 maj 2021

Ursut represses out and available now.

 Ursut LP represses available now.

Thanks to La Familia and Phobia records to help out with these.

First time we release the Dårarnas Paradis LP.

Covers are a bit darker than we hoped for. Both covers printed on reverse. Black vinyls only. 500 copies each.

Order via 



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tisdag 2 februari 2021

Asocial, Aldrig Som Er 12" testpress out now

Here's the latest of full on d-beat käng from the lovely legends Asocial. Recorded September 2020, 4 new tunes and 4 revisited classics. This is a strictly limited test press version, for you diehard vinyl collectors. Available in 30 copies, exclusive cover. 

Co-released together with Burning Anger records. The other records will arrive in a couple of weeks. So if you wanna grab one of these limited ones get it now!! We only have 10 copies available. 

måndag 4 januari 2021

Asocial - Aldrig som er EP 12" out soon.

Happy to annouce the newly recorded 12" EP of legendary d-beat mangelers Asocial. A follow up to their previous LP Föralltid Underground. This includes 4 new tunes and 4 rerecorded blasts from the past. We hope to see the day of light for this release within a month or two.

tried to post a video on youtube but we got it denied so you'll have to wait or check the Not Enough Instagram TV or facebook. The song Religion still fucking sucks, must have been to much for the YouTube to handle.

This will be a cooperation with our fellow mangel maniac Toda and his label Burning Anger.

Here's the cover:

fredag 9 oktober 2020

Genöme, young, beautiful & free 12" OUT NOW

Today we release the new 12" of Genöme, Young, Beautiful & Free. Available via our bandcamp and physical copies to be ordered via our weshop.

500 copies of vinyls pressed.
400 black vinyls
100 orange/black splattered vinyls

fredag 11 september 2020

Skrot, s/t 7” out now!

Gothenburg rawpunk Käng d-beat in a way as not many bands do it these days. Raw and pounding punk as fuck. 

Similarities to the style of American band Warcry and UK crust punks but in the Swedish way of playing it raw and makes you wanna pound that kängnäve.

A band that’s highly involved within the DIY community and shows its support to the underground of resistance.

corelease together with the band, Dark Elk and Wargame records.