lördag 26 november 2016

måndag 14 november 2016

Ursut repress available, Dårligt Selskab 12" sooon out

Hey ya all!
As the last week turned kind of dark in so many peoples minds concerning the US election, we fell behind leaving the good new of the repress of the Ursut "köp dig lycklig" LP. Arrived in the beginning of the week but felt like it could wait a bit. All orders can be made at the webshop


Along side we got the Dårligt Selskab records a few weeks ago, the reason that I haven't posted anything about that is that we still need to wait for the covers to be printed. The idea has been that the guys in Copenhagen would  make it a screen printed version, but we'll see what'll be the result. Still fucking stoked about this so as soon as we get the covers we'll let you know and then you get the chance to get your copies. Sounds fucking awesome and is all what we hoped for when we started the cooperation! Full throttle anarchopunk rager from the Copenhagen.
This is what you'll get in a while!!

Been on tour with Crutches two weeks ago, along with the great guys in Riistetyt, this lead to some sold out merch and other that I need to reprint, so I'm sorry for the delay in this, needed to order shirts again to make the prints. WE managed to get a bunch of records back home though so check the latest additions for some raw Finnish and Japanese hardcorepunk records.

More to come!!