tisdag 12 december 2017

Updates and new stuff

The new planned Korsfäst and Anatomi 71 12":es has been mega delayed due to major setbacks at the pressing plant. Planned release is March 2018. 

We have the new Hygget 2016 live compilation benefit LP here any day soon. Got all the vinyls to up to Svartmyra, just need to get some of the records to Malmö.

Had a load of new danglers up to date in the webshop. More records, prints and various stuff will be up when it's in.

tisdag 10 oktober 2017

New releases out soon!! 
Korsfäst, Skarpt Läge 12"
Anatomi 71, Med Människor Som Medel 12" EP
Two freakin awesome bands delivering totally amazing raw punk as we love it. As the testpreses has been approved by the bands we should see the day of light for these two pretty much soon.

until then, have a preview listen to one of each of their new songs::

fredag 26 maj 2017

FINALLY!! Back home and loads of new stuff in stock

And the night came, I managed to get a big load of Profane Existence records over here, alongside some Phobia records and Rawmantic records I give you the update::
OHH and for you who thought the DHL lost the Utanförskapet and Life / Zudas Krust 7":es....They arrived and I've sended out all orders that were placed

tisdag 9 maj 2017

still no records from DHL/ And we're of on tour today

Today we hit the road with Crutches. Fro all of you who still have questions about the orders....DHL did not deliver anything before we had to leave so all of the orders being made will be dealt with as soon as we're back home and that the records has been delivered. seems like they are on their way though....
Till then, if you're nearby any of these shows, come and say hi and have a drink with us! All the best

EURO TRASH - tour de EU-rope!!
10 MAY - GER Berlin, KomaF, w/ Subverse & Svart Ut
11 MAY - CZE Liberec, Azyl Pivni Bar, w/ Fear of Extinction & Scalp
12 MAY - SVK Bratislava, Pod prístavným mostom - Na garážach, w/ Krutá Zima, Blind Rättvisa & Ježišovi Pivo Nelej.
13 MAY - HUN Szombathely, Végállomás Klub, w/ Oi Polloi, Jenny Woo's Holy Flame, Derkovbois, Kinek Beszélsz Te, the Last Minute, Yellow Spots, Böiler, Fegyelmező Részleg, Will Burn, Zsibbadás, Belfegoi, the Snobs, Tisztán A Cél Felé & Bad Habit.
14 MAY - SRB Novi Sad, Suburbia 021, w/ Otvoreni Prelom
15 MAY - CRO Županja, MKC Zupanja w/ Van Dammes & Vepar
16 MAY - CRO Zagreb, Attack! AKC Medika w/ TBA
17 MAY - SLO Ljubljana, AKC Metelkova mesto, w/ Mob 47 & Paranoid
18 MAY - AUS Wien, Venster 99, w/ Mob 47, Paranoid & Desperat
19 MAY - CZE Prague, Punx Picnic - Phobia, Modrá Vopice, w/ Mob 47, Paranoid, Vengeance of Karma, Mörkhimmel & Ficken Leben
20 MAY - GER Leipzig, Connewitz, w/ Society's Decline
21 MAY - SWE Malmö, Plan B - malmö, w/ Mob 47 and Paranoid

fredag 28 april 2017

Delays on the orders

As some of you guys noticed, we've been delayed on the orders and that's because DHL sent the vinyls to the wrong address....I will send out al the new orders as soon as I've gotten the batch I've been waiting for two weeks now. I'm so sorry for all the inconvenience it would have caused you'd....

tisdag 18 april 2017

Urinalvinyl distribution

As for a while ago we've had the pleasure to get a superb connection the UK punks via Urinalvinyl who's been pushing our releases in the UK.

Hit em up for our stuff and much more along side their own great releases!


torsdag 13 april 2017

two new mangelers ready for you's

The two new awesome manglers are out now, these will not be here until next week, but place your orders now if you like! Have it all available in the webshop as from now!

Utanförskapet black vinyl:


Utanförskapet orange vinyl:


Life / Zudas Krust split 7" black vinyl


Life / Zudas Krust split 7" green vinyl


tisdag 7 mars 2017

Utanförskapet and Life / Zudas Krust

Got the great news today that we're going to get the two new releases out of Utanförskapet, Skärvor Från Livet!! 7" and Life / Zudas Krust, split 7", by the end of this month. You're welcome to have a preview of the new tunes here at our band camp. Whirlwinds are coming!

onsdag 22 februari 2017

Dårligt Selskab, Köbenhavn LP is HERE!!!

Finally!! We've got all the pieces together for the new Dårligt Selskab LP called Köbenhavn. 11 new tunes of superb anarchopunk from Copenhagen. Me and Adam O. Adam managed to fold the beautiful posters and now to have it all released.
to order this great one go here:


söndag 5 februari 2017

tisdag 24 januari 2017

Dårligt Selskab 12" and more in the works

Just to Update you all. We got told that we got the covers for the Dårligt Selskab 12" sent to us and the band has gotten the inlays and posters sent of to the printers so hopefully we'll have it all together within a week or two.

The Life / Zudas Krust 7" is getting ready as well. Feels really nice when things are on the move.

New and more of the Crime Enough zine's going to be put together, so stay tuned for more updates and such.

Even some possible bigger restocks from Profane Existence will be here soon as well. We've just got the clearance that we will have a bigger deal/trade up and running as well. The cooperation's superb since our available releases should be there for you who search our stuff in US.

torsdag 5 januari 2017

new year .: --- new chaos..

Hey ya all!!

Happy to announce a few things....,,.

Got the Life and Zudas Krust 7" of to the pressing plant last week. looking forward to get these vinyls out there for theee who can't stay away from the madness of DIY spirited crust as fuck recordings such as these.

1000 will be made, we're cooperating with Phobia records as the partnership been growing greatly in the past years as well as Crust war records from Japan and headnoise records from Russia, might be a fifth SE Asian label cooperating, we'll see in a weeks time. 200 solid green ones as limited color versions as so many of you's enjoy and the rest of 800 copies black vinyls. All these will be spread equally amongst the labels and the band royalties.

Other news is that we also got the covers for the Dårligt Selskab 12"/LP of to press as well, not really intentionally to be like this, but the result will be as awesome as you can imagine. The title of the record's KÖBEHAVN, just saying the name of the political bombardment!

Utanförskapet is also geting ready with their recordings, slowly, but steady as fuck! Looking forward to hear the result of this one for sure!

We're also going to start the new recording for Crutches any week now. Got a bunch of new and great equipment for the Nidis studio so that will be superb!! Have mega urge to get all our songs together to finally put the nails to the inverted cross of this one.

Along side all these happy news I also wanna announce that we will start the realisation of the compilation LP DIS IS MALMÖ 2017 that we will put out this year as well. more info will be updated, but I can assure you, that you will not be disappointed.