tisdag 22 juli 2014

Added more stuff for the distro!

Just wanted to let you all know that I added a bunch of CRUTCHES merch to the webshop, as well as some new arrivals from Trujaca Fala. Check it out!! NEW ARRIVALS

onsdag 16 juli 2014


Hey ya all! Been away for a month, so if you feel that I need to get back to you about your possible order or something like that, please let me know. Had a blast on tour w CRUTCHES at the west coast of the USA all together w the amazing people and band FRUSTRATION, get their LP from our webshop, totally recomended!!

There's been a load of new stuff that arrived these last day. So check that out, here's the recent ones added to the distro:

MISANTROPIC / EATEN RAW split LPRAJOITUS / UNTAFÖRSKAPET split LPVICIOUS IRENE "Distorted State Of Mind”  LPCRESS "The Greed Machine ...”  2xLPAGRIMONIA  "Host Of The Winged”  2xLP AGRIMONIA  "S/t.”  LP DISHONORABLE DIS "Nightmare Visions"  12" DETESTATION  "S/t.” LP OIPOLLOI  "Fuaim Catha”  LP KNUSTE RUTER  "Bruddstykker (Fractions)”  LP PROTESTERA  "01.05.1886”  LPDYSTOPIA "S/t.”  LP VICIOUS IRENE  "Thrash Your Future"  7” EPCROSS STITCHED EYES "Decomposition"  LP SUMMON THE CROWS "One More For..."  LP