Coming releases:

N.E.R. 075 SLAN, Ägd LP

N.E.R. 074 Drastika, Warmongers LP

N.E.R. 073 Idiot Ikon, s/t LP


N.E.R. 072 Lautstürmer, Förruttnelsen LP

Norragränges berzerkers pummeling the ground with their metallic high octane mangeling d-beat rawpunk.
This is their third fullength and it's brilliant and totally shows of how they are meant to be listened to, LOUD and fast.

Artwork and recording by Andreas Nilsson
Mixed and mastered by Mattias Persson

1. Förruttnelsen
2. Fångad I Kött Å Blod
3. Bottekänning
4. Rhinorage
5. I Mänsklighetens Namn
6. Formvidrig Å  Förfallen
7. Invärteskriget
8. 1888
9. Moonhowler
10. Ju Värre Man Plågar
11. Livsform Defekt
12. Samma Tomma Skallar
13. Mentalt Massakrerad

Released June 14:th 2024
500 copies
401 black vinyls
99 tricolorored turquise black and white vinyls 
Co release together with De:Nihil and Phobia records

N.E.R. 071 偏執症者 (Paranoid), S.C.U.M. - 7”

Recorded at Studio Mangel, Frösön/Sweden, summer/fall/winter 2021-2022. Engineered by Jocke D-takt. Mixed and mastered at LM Studio, Osaka/Japan, February-March 2022, by Ippei Suda.
On "体系的苦悩" noise design by Statuszero. On "裏切り" guest vocals by Jacky Crustwar. On "無差別な苦痛" back-up vocals by Sakana. Guest appearance recorded at LM Studio, March 2022. Engineered by Ippei Suda.

1. 市民的不服従 (Shiminteki Fufukujyuu)
2. 無差別な苦痛 (Musabetsuna Kutsuu)
3. 人生の傷 (Jinsei No Kizu)
4. 戦争何も惜しまず (Sensou Nanimo Oshimazu)
5. 裏切り (Uragiri)
6. 系的苦悩 (Taikeiteki Kunou)

Released July 5:th 2023
500 copies
400 black vinyls
100 swamp green vinyls with obi strips

N.E.R. 070 Dårligt Selskab, Hægtet Af - 12"

2022 and the Danes are back with a furious hit in the gut back at the systematic failures. Totally up and running with the cathy Anarcho-punk tunes that you can find in their previous releases as well. Awesome riot punk rock in your face.

1. Circus Cirkle Jerks
Død Og Begravet
Hægtet Af
4. Run Rabbit Run
5. Guru
6. Alle Systemer Fejler

7. Levande Stenskred
8. Fake World

Released September 11:th 2022
200 black vinyls

Together with AutoTünes records.

N.E.R. 069 Crutches, Dödsreveljen LP

The 4:th album of total madness and the echoes of a time that's collapsing down. Rawpunk sirens in a bleak dark time.

1. Revelj
2. Create to Destroy
3. Du Kan Bli Vad Du Vill
4. FUCK the War
5. NO!
6. On the Verge
7. Incels
8. Echoes:.
9. Vi Vandrar Vidare
10. Kapitalismen = Religion
11. Krossa Gränserna
12. Stopp I Huet
13. Dödsreveljen

Released November 4:th 2022
666 copies
333 black viny
333 silver vinyls

Together with Phobia records and Profane Existence

N.E.R. 068 Visions of war, the lost tapes. A bottle to far - session re-noised 2002 - LP

Dirty old recordings brought back to life and now 20 plus years after recording, released in the feeling of how it was back in the days when this took place.
Comes with a booklet to tell some stories, memorized by Lölö.
recorded live in may 2002
in squatted Amsterdam by dejan aka master of kaos
the 8 other songs of that session had been released
on the split lp with Olho de gato (2002)
sound files fixed 2023 by Mattias Persson

1. Disgusting tribes
2. Stop it yourself
3. Know your Enemy
4. Media-evil
5. Neighbourhood militia
6. Genocide incorporhated time
7. Not Another Second Time (corpus christi cover)
8. Dead Nothing
9. Treated Like Shit
10. One Minded Idiocy
11. Body Bags
12. Vote

Released August 18:th 2023
400 black vinyls
100 gold vinyls

N.E.R. 067 Visions of war / Simbiose, split 7"

Simbiose from Portugal teamed up with Visions of war for a highly brutal split 7"

1. Ditaduras 
2. Blind Lead the Blind

Visions of war
1. Bulldozer
2. Love / Hate
3. Boredumb

Released March 13, 2023

Co-released together with
Loner Cult, Phobia, Scream, Deviance, Breeding for extinction, Up the punx, Missing the point and Profane Existence records

N.E.R. 066 Skrot, This System Has No Heart 12"

11 songs of d-beat käng in your face! Brutality as you've seen back in the 90:ties d-beat scene.
Hailing out of Gothenburg and the 128(A) crew, with strong roots in the D.I.Y. community this ..... keeps it straight to the point with a brutal edge of insanity. A soundtrack for todays fuckedup society system.

1. Alive in a void
2. Destroy
3. Sellout
4. Endless War
5. Hellish Existence
7. Bullshit Ideals
8. No Hope
9. Lika Inför Lagen
10. Stay Sane
11. Karlatornet 

Released August 16:th 2022
400 black vinyls
100 red vinyls

Together with Burning Anger / Rawmantic Disasters

N.E.R. 065 Vansinnets mun, Demon 2022 - tape

Heavy metal döds käng from Ljungby Småland. With roots in the dark parts of the Swedish woods we hereby announce the first release of Vansinnets Mun. A mix of heavy metal and d-beat, inspired by the blackened crust tunes as well as their mania for guitar leads and rawk, you get this mouth of insanity fired out in your face. 

1. Evig Dvala
2. Spindelkonungens pyramid
3. Vansinnets mun

Released September 7:th 2022
100 black tapes
100 white tapes

Together with Bullwhip records and Phobia records.

N.E.R. 064 Uncurbed, Keeps The Banner High LP

This master piece of d-beat rock n roll were released by Sound Pollution records 2000.

This is a brutal anthem of a high octane d- beat rock n roll punk as fuck recording. Full of amazing riffs, brilliant trade of vocal duties and amazing drumming.
Lyric wise a record that delivers tons of brilliant lines that will forever be remembered. It has it all, the feeling from outcasts and a highly everlasting resistance to the oppression of higher status.

Now 22 years later we have the privilege to share this amazing album that inspired so much. Been one of my total favorites for years and now finally released by Not Enough records.

1. Why Am I To Be
2. Ge Igen Med Dubbel Ränta
3. Bar-Star
4. Horrified Future
5. Freedom Road
6. Ockupera Mera
7. Utsliten Och  Slängd
8. Violent Criminal
9. Luffarens Klagan
10. Uproar
11. Riding On The Highlife
12. Valium Holiday
13. High Of Hope....
14. ....But High In The Gutter
15. Liberation Day
16. Rebell Punx

Re-press January 26:th 2022
351 black vinyls
149 beer colored orange/white/brown vinyls

N.E.R. 063 Visions of war / Arrogänt, split LP

Belgian crusters team up for a deafening d-beat thunder release.

Visions of war is the long runners out of these two. Here with a new recording that marks a new era with a solid set of growling gutter crust and brilliant d-beat to it. Arrogänt delivers their debute of release with this release. Dark crusty d-beat with strong growling vocals that makes your fists longing for more.

Visions war
1. Subject
2. Colourb(l)indind
3. Global Damnation
4. 3rd side of a coin
5. The end of suffering
6. Social Destructures
7. Strive
8. Locked jaw
9. P.L.B.

1. Fuck off now!
2. Back to the tomb
3. Geript
4. Society failures
5. All distracted
6. Blood red death
7. Pretend we give a fuck

First press August 6:th 2021
500 black vinyls
Second press November 2021
300 white vinyls

All together released by us and Loner Cult, Breeding for existence, Phobia, Missing the point, Profane Existence and Scream records.

N.E.R. 062 Ursut, Dårarnas Paradis - LP

First LP rereleased 2021.
Bulldozer dödskäng from south of Sweden. Malmö, Hjärup and Väggarp. Built upon a vision of a massive sound attack by members from at that point burried bands Kontrover, Intensity and Project Hopeless.

1. Crustendomens Heliga Land
2. Kampen Mot Tiden
3. Så Jävla Dum I Huvudet
4. Stäng Av
5. Det Handlar Inte Längre Bara Om Mig
6. Dårarnas Paradis
7. Den Du Ligger Med Får Bädda
8. Varför Ska Jag Betala
9. Exklusivt Utanförskap
10. Sten Som Sten
11. Bonniers Rövarband
12. Tillhörighetens Nya Vana
13. Med Benen På Ryggen Och Tummen Rätt I Munnen
14. Akademikerpunk

Third pressing 500 copies, May 13:th 2021
500 copies black vinyl corerelease together with La Familia and Phobia Records.

N.E.R. 061 Asocial, Aldrig Som Er - 12"

Here's the latest of full on d-beat käng from the lovely legends Asocial. Recorded September 2020, 4 new tunes and 4 revisited classics. As they always deliver a total mayhem when it comes to their live performances it's definitely likewise when it comes to their recordings. Never will there be any disapointmets when it comes to Asocial and their merciless raw punk madness. Aldrig som er!
Cover art by Jonas Grahn.

1. Religion Still Fucking Sucks
2. Aldrig Som Er
3. Mentalt Slaveri
4. Egoshit
5. Krossa Nazismen
6. Militär Diktatur
7. Samhällets Offer
8. Asocial Attack

First pressing 500 copies, February 7:th 2021
400 copies black vinyl
100 copies purple w black stain vinyl
Second pressing 300 copies, 2021
black/white marbeled vinyls
corelease with Burning Anger records.

Asocial, Aldrig Som Er - 12" Test press version

Comes in alternative cover, limited release.
This is a strictly limited test press version, for you diehard vinyl collectors. Available in 30 copies, exclusive cover.

30 testpress black vinyls released January 31:st 2021
corelease with Burning Anger records.

N.E.R. 060 Genöme, Young, Beautiful & Free - LP

Loud and noisy crasher mangel crusty punk from Malmö Sweden. Genöme makes a follow up to their ”The Sound Of Loud Ringing In The Ear – tape” this time with some changes within the band that can be noticed in a good way. As a new bassplayer has taken control of the noise it's been a more distincts way of bringing out the wall of thundernoise. The satisfying and chaotic combination of the mental drumming, noisy guitar and furious vocals makes this a full on mad and powerfull follow up. This wont dissapoint you crasher noise crusters out there. Amazing artwork by Petter Ydmark.

1. Psycho Terror
2. Shame to Pay
3. Never Exit
4. 1000 Hjärtan
5. SO WHAT!?
6. Out of Order
7. Blinded by Fear
8. Earth's Revenge
9. Young, Beautiful & Free
10. Bite Back

First pressing 500 copies, October 9:th 2020 
400 copies black vinyl
100 copies orange/black splatter vinyl
corelease with Phobia, Up the Punx and Ryvolte records.

N.E.R. 059 Skrot, s/t - 7"

Gothenburg rawpunk Käng d-beat in a way as not many bands do it these days. Raw and pounding punk as fuck.
Similarities to the style of American band Warcry and UK crust punks but in the Swedish way of playing it raw and makes you wanna pound that kängnäve.
A band that’s highly involved with the DIY community and shows its support to e underground of resistance.

1. Slaugther
2. Lost Focus
3. Moderatsvin
4. Ablaze
5. Won't Back Down
6. Strejkrätt
7. Payback
8. Tallstreet Nightmare

First press 550 copies black vinyl, September 11:th 2020
Corelease with the band, DarkElk and Wargame records.

N.E.R. 058 Life, Ossification of Coral - LP

The third full-length release from Tokyo’s seasoned crasher crusties. With headfirst full on power and brutal raw punk, this is an amazing follow up to their previous releases. Thirteen blistering tracks filled with energy showing that there’s no stopping them in their quest of anti-nukes protest punk. As the title of the record implies, this is also a record to raise awareness of the importance of the ecosystem, the exploitation of coral reefs and its existence as well as its impact on humans and all life’s survival. True to their beliefs and practicing what they preach, here raising political awareness in a time where censorship is law and silence is maintained through fear. LIFE as a collective takes a stand and inspires a resistant culture.

1. Endure every day
2. To gain freedom
3. Ossification of coral
4. Colony
5. Leaning balance
6. Warning
7. Absence of life
8. Crush them
9. D.IA.L.
10. River of filth
11. The end of mother nature
12. Every proof of existance become fusion
13. Same as war

European pressing by us 500 copies, black vinyl, July 1:st 2020
American release by Desolation records.
Asian release by Acclaim, Distro Rakkos and Punk Bastard records.

N.E.R. 057 Zudas Krust / Parötid, Desire of Destruction - split 7"

split 7" from these noise makers out of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Zudas Krust based in Jakarta, delivers raw and brutal noise d-beat filled with anger and frustration. Top noise d-beat.

Parötid based in Perlis Malaysia, two man d-beat noise mongers filling this split in a good way.

Raw madness and brilliance from these SE asians. 
as they put it.

Zudas Krust
1. Martir
2. Tahanan
3. Algoritma

1. Unfuck the World
2. State Chaos State Crazy
3. Humanism

corelease with Phobia, Rawmantic disaster, Delusions of Terror, Seija, SPHC, Azadghei and Doombringer records
first press 600 December 2019
500 black vinyls
100 electric blue clear vinyls


N.E.R. 056 Anhedoni / Remiso, split tape

Anhedoni and Remiso both from Malmö, teams up for a brilliant split tape release.

Anhedoni keeps their crusted dark way of pumbeling d-beat to what they do superbly, easily compared to a lot of metalic crusters from out the of the 90:ties.

Remiso delivers a metalic thrasy way of old-school rawpunk in the south-american way. Sung in Portuguese and delivered in a punk as fuck way of rawpunk mangel.

Both bands covers one song from each others songs to make this even more of the split.

1. I Stormens Öga
2. Död Inom Timmen
3. En väg Ut
4. För Hatet i Tiden
5. Våld (Remiso)

1. Sobrevivencia
2. Burn Your Flag (Crutches)
3. Antimilitar
4. Medo Social
5. Försupen Förlorad (Anhedoni)

corelease with Bullwhip records and Remiso releases.
first press 200 february 2019


N.E.R. 055 Crutches / Kontrasosial, Chaos Riders // Freedom Fighters - split 12"LP

Crutches / Kontrasosial, Chaos Riders // Freedom Fighters - split
Crutches, from Malmö/Sweden, delivers a fast and full throttle wall-breaker of d-beat and raw agression. As a result of the political clima of the recent election the autumn of 2018 has somewhat become an answer, and feeling of d-beat rebelion. Raw and brutal and straight to the point.
Kontrasosial, from Bandung/Indonesia, shoots out 8 brilliant death-metal d-beaters in the way of brutality. Against fascist shitsystem and sold out political unjust system of corruption.
This split celebrates the tour companions of these two bands and holds to coming Chaos Riders.

1. The Era of Multi-shit
2. Hoppa Av
3. Hate Generation
4. Avvisa Allt
5. Själsdödarna
6. Chaos Riders

1. Apocalyptic March of War
2. Kill Pedophilia
3. In the Name of Drugs War
4. Greedy Cops
5. Dirty Politics Ruin the Peace
6. Stop the Bloody War
7. Fascist Nation
8. Digmaan Kontra Droga

corelease with Breeding for Extinction, Disaster Records, Distro-Y, Mundo en Kaos, Phobia, Profane Existence, Rawmantic Disasters and Up the Punx.
first press 666 copies 1:st of April 2019
333 brown/green splattered copies
333 purple/blue splattered copies

N.E.R. 054 Kontrasosial, Filthy Scum - 7"

Out of Bandung Indonesia we get this amazing band, filled with energy and a message that's clear as fuck. PUNK IS REBELLION!
This release is a full d-beat rawpunk assault that leaves no one untouched by their furious and mad screams from the depths of societies doorsteps. 

1. Filthy Scum
2. Brutal Faith
3. Kabar Dari Negeri Drama
4. Punk Sampe Mampus
5. Setengah Binatang
6. Setengah Binatang (Noise Version)

Corelease with Disaster records, Phobia records and Rawmantic disasters.
first press 300 copies 1:st of April 2019
200 copies black vinyl
100 copies white vinyl

N.E.R. 053 Genöme, The Sound Of Loud Ringing In The Ear - tape

Total loud noise punk madness from the Norragränges of Malmö. As the title reveals, you can just imagine the feeling of the noize militia. Total destruction, and total noize.

1. Destroy
2. Exhaust Spirits
3. Dåre
5. Yesterday Of Tomorrow
6. Naive
7. Electromagnetic Junkie
8. Nya Vänner?
9. Cop Cries Blood

corelease with Bullwhip records and Doombringer records.
first press 300 february 2019


N.E.R. 052 Contorture, No Sanctuary - LP

Gothenburg d-beat noise manglers delivers their second LP, 18 new furious tunes of freedom and resistance. Full fuzz distroted guitars on top of a raw and brutal d-beated drumming and the mad growled harsh vocals that sets a mark for these mangeling sisters from GBG.

1. Uterusapart
2. Witches
3. Integration
4. Killer Look
5. Cut Every Wire
6. Love in a Hopeless Place
7. Plastic Wasteland
8. 128 A
9. Commitment Issues
10. Die
11. Hating In Plain Sight
12. 1 in 4
13. First World Problems
14. Black Water
15. Sisters In Arms
16. Locust
17. Makes me Wanna Vomit
18. No Crisis But Law

coreleased with Acclaim, No Surrender, Phobia and Profane Existence
first press 500 copies April 13, 2019
400 black vinyls and 100 white.

N.E.R. 051 Osmantikos, Survival - LP

Osmantikos is a hyper tension crustcore from Selangor, Malaysia.12 new songs.Recorded by Tom Bollocks at Greenhouse Studio, Ampang, Malaysia.Mixed and mastered by Mattias Persson.

1. Resurrection (I)
2. Destroy What Destroys You
3. Forced To Conform
4. Ignorance
5. The Scars
6. Survival (English)
7. Resurrection (II)
8. Time Bomb Determination
9. Dystopian Nightmare
10. Breeds Pestilence
11. Survival (Malay)
12. Narcissist

corelease with Bullwhip records, N.I.C., Too circle records, SPHC and Phobia records
first press 500 copies August 2019

400 black vinyls 100 green clear.

N.E.R. 050 Anatomi 71, Människor Som Medel - 12" EP

Kristinehamn raw punks? Doesn't matter, the Gothenburg based A71 delivers yet another brilliant overload of raw mangel for the d-beat lovers. With the most said brilliant lyrics they nail it down once again along with their awesome riffing and d-beating madness, we're more than happy to be part of this release.

1. Vi Söndras Och Dör 
2. Människor Som Medel 
3. Ondskans Banalitet 
4. Flykten Från Friheten 
5. Trivs Du I Kulturen 
6. Tillbaka Till Underjorden

corelease with Breeding For Extinction, D-Takt & Råpunk and Phobia records
first press 500 copies March 2018

400 black vinyls 100 red/white splattered. 


N.E.R. 049 V/A Hygget 2016, benefit compilation live - LP

This is a release from RF Svavel and the recordings from the Hygget festival 2016 and we're happy to be part of this work. As stated this is a benefit for the Hygget festival, and that means that all the money for the sales are meant to be for the Hygget fest.

Band that appear on this release are:
Dissober, Gränslandet, Idiot Ikon, Irritation, Soteld, Voidfiller, Michael Intergalaxicon and the Toilets
Pure Fucking Joy, Myteri, Styggelse, Socialstyrelsen, Nuke from Orbit, Svaveldioxid, Visions Of War, Plaguefiend, Slutet

corelease with RF Svavel
first press 500 copies released December 2017

N.E.R. 048 Lautstürmer / Remiso - split LP

Malmö rawmangel split. Lautstürmer delivers the highly full speeded metalic punk mangel as always, a brilliant up to date with their special way of nailing the d-beated mayhem and their awesome riffing. As the energy level couldnt be more there's always a lust for yet a nother song wheyn it comes to these guys. Remiso follows this split with their furious and political rawpunk anger with a big touch of metalic solos and riffing to it. As their origins makes it even more clear when the vocals are spat out in the furious potuguese toung, as this three piece band has their orgins in Chile, Brazil and Sweden, you get the special south american feelin of raw and frustrated rawpunk. A brilliant split to say the least.

1. Starfucked
2. Idioterna
3. Faceless Silent Disposable
4. There's No Peace In Haunted Sleep
5. I Hope You Choke
6. The Iron Heel

1. Lixo
2. Filhos Da Cidade
3. Sujo De Merda
4. Sobrevivencia
5. Portas Osseas
6. Porcos Malditos

first press 500 copies 14 July 2018300 copies black vinyl 200 copes black/red splatterAVAILABLE

N.E.R. 047 Dis is Malmö 2017 comp - LP

Compilation of the most raw city in Sweden. 16 active bands that delivers rawpunk d-beat mangel, all to put forward what we have and will be able to deliver.
Comes with a 20 pages booklet/zine including artwork from every band.

The bands are:
1. A4
2. Anhedoni
3. Arsle
4. Crudiax
5. Crutches
6. Genöme
7. Glorious?
8. Korp
9. Korsfäst
10. Lautsturmer
11. Profoss
12. Remiso
13. Snor
14. Ursut
15. Voidfiller
16. Zyfilis

first press 500 copies 14 July 2018
250 copies black vinyl 
250 copes brown/yellow splatter


N.E.R. 046 Crutches, Såld - 12"

This is the third of 12":es from Malmö Norragränges mangel punks. 11 songs of total fury against the worlds crime against humanity, the religious and hypocritical sexist systems built upon lies and total failures. Developement and addition to the band with a second guitarist but still in the same vein as before, a brutal and raw detonation.

1. Sociesick
2. Med Vilken Rätt
3. Såld
4. Powered
5. Madness
6. Smittohärden
7. Burning Bridges
8. Förnekelse
9. Guerra Social
10. Du Är Ditt Eget Fel
11. Gräv En Grop

corelease with Breeding for Extinction, Distro-Y, Phobia, Profane Existence and Rawmantic Disaster
first press 666 copies July 2017
333 copies black vinyl
333 copies White Black/grey splattered
second press October 2018
333 copies Yellow on Green splattered

N.E.R. 045 Korsfäst - 12"

Malmö raw mangel punkers delivers their third and as to their own saying best release to date. It's fucking amazing brutality and raw madness "ända in i kaklet" I'd say that this is a brilliant follow up to their previous releases and gives us exactly what's expected from the NorraG punks. Total brilliance

1. Fan Inte Lätt
2. Hoppas Allt Blir Bra
3. Farliga Vackra Ord
4. Nere På Noll
5. Skevare Kan Ingen Vara
6. Gång På Gång
7. Skarpt Läge
8. Jag E Inte Hemma
9. Bakgrundsbruset
10. Kaoskarusell
11. Mitt Liv För Fan
12. Tider Läker Inte Alla Sår
13. Det Luktar Brunt
14. Olyckskorpen

corelease with Breeding For Extinction, D-Takt & Råpunk and Phobia records
first press 500 copies March 2018
400 black vinyls 100 black/red vinyls. 


N.E.R. 044 Life / Zudas Krust - split 7"

The thundering raw mangel split of these two great bands. Life, the crasher crusties from Tokyo Japan that delivers two awesome tunes of blasting fury and noisy raw punk, meets up with the raw mangelers Zudas Krust from Jakarta Indonesia. To combine this we get a load of raw tunes that will blow you away.

1. Polluted Water Drainage Wreck Of Water
2. River Of Filth

Zudas Krust
1. Manifesto Kebencian
2. Defeated
3. Genosida Populasi

corelease with Crust War, Doombringer, Headnoise and Phobia records
first press 1000 copies April 2017
900 copies black vinyl, 100 copies Green


N.E.R. 043 Utanförskapet, Skärvor Ifrån Livet 7"

Four new tracks from Utanförskapet, and this is total brilliance when it comes to making some killer d-beat raw mangel tunes. Raging furiosity and social despair is what we could get packaged in this one. As it's been talking about "members of" in so many contents, I'd like to say that the ”former” Uncurbed would say a lot to what you can expect here. Soundwise like their 90:ties era, total excellence!

1. Kofot Och Käng
2. Revolt II
3. Skarpt Läge
4. Skärvor Från Livet

corelease with Breeding for extinction, Distro-Y and Phobia records
first press 500 copies April 2017
400 copies black vinyl 
100 copies Orange vinyl 


N.E.R. 042 Dårligt Selskab - LP

From Copenhagen we get the most powerful and awesome Anarcho-punk that we can ask for. With full force of anger and feelings towards the dark and bleak side of Denmark and the societic horrors, we see the dark light of a new rager called Köbenhavn. The best of recordings to date and a great feeling to cooperate with these awesome people and band.
Comes in a nicely packaged record with cover art by Halfdan Pisket along with a huge and beautiful poster painted by Adam himself.

1. Braendte Broer
2. Tiden
3. Good Cops
4. Hvem Har Din Ryg
5. Köbenhavn
6. F.U.C.K.P.E.T
7. Tusmörke
8. Not Afraid To Fight (Online)
9. Dommedag
10. Sometimes
11. Paent

corelease with the band themselves
first press 300 copies black vinyl february 2017 


N.E.R. 041 Voidfiller, s/t -12"

Thunder storms roaring as a bulldozing dark mangler as the band sees the light in a dark world where the borders of deception is the inspiration of creating. d-beat raw mangel full throttler

1. Behind The Walls
2. After 10
3. The Weight
4. Rest
5. Auto-Charity
6. Sworn
7. Fill The Woid
8. Crumble
9. Much And Many
10. Open Water

corelease with Breeding for extinction, Deviance, neanderthal-stench, Phobia records, Profane existence, Ruin nation records and Scream
first press 500 copies 6:st of July 2016
400 black copies and 100 transparent pink

Not Available


N.E.R. 040 Ursut, köp dig lycklig - LP/CD

Here's the follow up to Dårarnas Paradis release 2011. Full throttled bulldozer dödskäng in the typical Swedish way. This came to be a thematic album dealing with the power structures, neo-liberalism, capitalism and social stigma. A brutal sight of our society

1. Den Yttersta Dagen
2. Du Är Din Egen Elit
3. Det Fria Valet
4. Kontrollerad Spridning
5. Spring Då
6. Helt Jävla Vanlig
7. Vi Bara Lyder
8. Åsiktens Uttåg
9. Parasiter
10. Vem Är Monstret

corelease with 4490 records, La Familia Releases and Phobia records
first press 600 copies 1:st of July 2016
4490 records Yellow vinyl version
La Familia releases white vinyl version
Phobia records green vinyl version
Not Enough purple vinyl version
all together some black vinyls
second press 400 copies September 2016 black vinyls
Third press 500 copies May 13:th 2021 black vinyls 
CD:s pressed 1000 copies, released together with Ursut

N.E.R. 039 Insidious Process, Mirrors of the dead - LP

Second LP by these crushing metal punkers out of Gothenburg. A brutal and bleak sight of societies war on the people and the poor. Recorded April 2015 at the Recording Machine by Pontus Redig, mixed by Pontus Redig and Insidious Process, mastered by Mattias Persson

This is raw and powerful d-beat madness!!

1. War Slave
2. Mirrors Of The Dead
3. Where The Dead Hang
4. Jävla Fel
5. Greed
6. Playing God
7. Drunken Loneliness
8. Skammen
9. Sold Out Ideals
10. Fascist State

corelease with Acclaim records, Distro Rakkos and Svoboda records
first press 100 copies pink transparent vinyl 
400 black vinyl March 2016 


N.E.R. 038 Crutches, FörlOrAD - 12"

Recorded in the moldy basement/rehearsal studio the Nidis out at Norragränges Malmö between Jan and May 2015. We get a whirlwind of madness and a new record filled with anger furiousity that'll make you shiver. 10 new tracks of political d-beat raw MANGEL punk. Go listen to the bandcamp

1. Intro/Fire
2. FörlOrAD
3. Fight and burn
4. FUCK you forever
5. Skenhelighetsparaden
6. Condemned
7. Propaganda
8. Avbruten
9. Burn your flag
10. Pissregn
corelease with Rawmantic disaster, Distroy, Phobia records, Up the punx records and Distro Rakkos
first press 100 copies blue transparent vinyl 400 black vinyl Jul 2015
Not Available


N.E.R. 037 Krigskontrast / Skiplickers, split 7"

Krigskontrast follows up to the previous 7" w this new split. More intense and more full forced d-beat madness than before. A really cool and nice development in my oppinion, totally smashing and fucking angry raw punk. Skiplickers delivers their brutal raw d-beat in a way that makes you wanna set shit on fire! This is a great team up and awesome mangel 7"

1. the contrast of war
2. Dom rika
3. Filthy rich bastards
4. Frihetsberövad

1. Intrusive violation
2. Reality
3. No right
corelease with Imminent Destruction, Rawmantic disaster, Halvfabrikat
first press 500 copies Jun 2014 
Not Available


N.E.R. 036 Contorture / Insidious Process, split 7"

Gotheburg of madness and d-beat! This split 7" is an awesome proof of the D.I.Y. scene of Gotheburg is still burning of fury. This follow up for the previous 12" and LP releases we've been part of both bands whos they're to count on. IP delivers their amazing metalic screechin punk as before and Contorture follows w a new aproach where they share the vocals duties a bit more than before wich, makes their furiousity even more intense.

Insidious Process
1. Asylum
2. Filth of the earth

1. Still a hunger
2.  Crossed
3. Trapped
4. Seconds
corelease with Halvfabrikat records, Svoboda records
first press 500 copies Jun 2014
Not Available


N.E.R. 035 Crutches, Lurad - 12" 

10 new tracks of A//E political furious d-beat punk madness. A whirlwind of fire and anger!

1. Intro
2. Chaos squad
3. Egna ben
4. Forever stoked
5. Interlude
6. Framtiden
7. Arbetarjävel
8. Mera
9. Absolution
10. Lurad

corelease with Rawmantic disaster, Distroy and Phobia records
first press 100 copies white vinyl 400 black vinyl Feb 2014
Not Available


N.E.R. 034 Visions of War, King of Swines - LP

Finally a new fullength album from these long runners of crusty d-beat metal punk. Best recording to date and as seen, this is as a I qote: "Can you hear the sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell!" This is superb music for the dirty punks all over the world!

1. King of Swines
2. Black bile
3. Inner colony
4. A new reign
5. Probiotics
6. Dividing lines
7. Naive empathy
8. Chemical breed
9. Headstone home
10. Worldwide asylum
11. Off the road
12. Give me fire (GBH cover)

corelease with Agipunk, Deviance and Aredje
first press 500 copies Aug 2013


N.E.R. 033 - Insidious Process, s/t - LP

A fullength of furious d-beat madness. This is an amazing follow up to the plit LP w Avfart 33 that came out a couple of year ago now. Got to cut out some parts from the CVLT review to make it stated as an amazing record: "Over ten songs and 30 minutes, this band will hold you captive with their onslaught of fully charged D-Beat. All of their songs have a great sense of urgency infused with an almost bluesy fury. INSIDIOUS PROCESS’s self-titled album is full of emotion that makes you realize our fight against the status quo is not over and has only begun. Every song is an anthem against those that would like to do away with progressive thought. I know that music can be used as a weapon against corruption, and INSIDIOUS PROCESS’ music is a wake up call for us all!"

1. Stänger av
2. Stöld
3. Instrumental
4. Macho punk
5. Gentrifieringen
6. Vuxenrätt
7. Under the scars
8. Prutat och klart
9. Dawn of death
10. Ta för dig

Coreleased w Aborted Society
first press: 
250 copies black vinyl EU version Dec 2013
250 copies splattered US version Dec 2013


N.E.R. 032 Crutches, d-beat Tzunami E.P. 7"

From the ashes of a D.I.Y. A//E political punk madness which were created during a decade, Crutches takes of in a scene of raw d-beatpunk that's chaotic and dirty as hell. Three songs recorded in the old fashioned way, 4 channel tape-recorder, and with the fabulous help by Matte P. This turned out as raw and dirty as it could be.

1. Let's start a fire
2. Självutskitna
3. Kaos/Rännstenssjälarna

first press 300 copies released Oct 2012
second press 200 copies released March 2013

Not Available
Coreleased together with Distroy, Pissed off and Phobia

N.E.R. 031 - Lautstürmer, Bedtime for humanity - LP

This is the second fullength from our beloved Malmö trio of fullspeed ahead metalic d-beat in the Norragrängesberzerkers way of punk! This tops their previous releases by far, and there's even more to come. Get the wibe of shaking groudns and pumbeling d-beat tearing you down. We're happyo be part of this release and help our great friends in this as we do together with Unrest records.

1. From first breath
2. Grave cold death
3. Bedtime for humanity
4. Oil black blood
5. What the fuck went wrong?
6. Hellfire rockn'roll
7. Vacant face
8. The complimentary hole
9. I want you
10. Let's raise the dead
11. Life kills
12. Fools of the trade

first press 1000 copies released March 2013
Corelease with Unrest records

NOT Available

N.E.R. 030 Contorture, Who's in charge - 12"

A four pice political d-beat unit out of Gothenburg, that delivers their debut vinyl release as a 12" with full force and brutal anger. With their roots in the DIY movement and years involved in different creative parts such as Vicious Irene and Agrimonia they now took yet another step of creating this great record full of inspiration and frustration!

1. The streets were never yours
2. Håll käft och lyd
3. The concern
4. Sterile world
5. Need this
6. Sexual warfare
7. Gloryfied misery
8. Döden
9. Farvälfärd
10. Takeover
11. Corruption of human mind
12. What lies ahead
13. Father
14. Bete er som folk
15. Paradise
16. War whitin us

first press 500 copies released January 2013
Corelease with Acclaim and Halvfabrikat

NOT Available

N.E.R. 029 Krigskontrast, s/t 7"

Raw and brutal kängpunk from Gävle Sweden, political and dark straight forward punk as fuck with great turns in the songs. This is their debute vinyl release and well needed to be out there. Taking their inspiration from bands such as His Hero is gone and Swedish bands from the 90:es era of d-beat, making this a brutal assault of madness, high pitched vocals traded of with some growling madness in a well combined form.

1. Prostituerad natur
2. Freedom
3. Acceptera/tolerera
4. Lobotomi
5. Överkonsumtion
6. Falsk tro
7. Konfrontation
8. Ideell profit
first press 500 copies released May 2012

Coreleased together with Halvfabrikat records and the band.

NOT Available

N.E.R. 028 -Lautstürmer, Man föds, stämplar in, och hoppas att man inte blir särskillt gammal, 7"

3 newly recorded motorhead on full speed driven d-beat metal punk of Malmö city and the cellar hell of Norragrängesbergsgatan. This is the first release since their depopulator fullength and totally worth the waiting because we get soem much energy and intesity from this band that we might suffer a breakdown!

1. Gruesome ways
2. Out of mind out of luck
3.Maskin nr.2

Not Available
first press 500 copies released September 2011

N.E.R. 027 -Sju Svåra År, Storma varje hjärta CD/ 12"

Super cool punkrock out of Stockholm with thought through and great lyrics sung in Swedish, this has been a long awaited release to get out, and now it's finally here!!! The band started out in 2001 and got this release out now 10 years later.

1. Allt du vill
2. Pappa
3. Skräp
4. Om du tror att jag är din
5. Jag skiter väl i mitt dåliga rykte
6. Ökad säkerhet
7. Genua
8. Storma varje hjärta
9. Hatar samhället
10. Sedlarna förslavar
11. Orkar du fortsätta

coreleased together with Trujaca Fala

CD first press 500 copies released April 2011
LP first press 578 copies released June 2011

N.E.R. 026 - Herätys, s/t 12"

From Malmö and Uppsala we get a brand new Tottis punk squad that will rip the shit out of all the ones in to the old way of Finnish and Swedish hardcore punk. About the best of what ever could be mixed today if you say raw and rough d-beat hardcore punk, Totalitär is definitely a big influence here but you get more than that for sure! All sung in Finnish and made in the traditional way of fin/scandi way! Comes with English translations as well.

1. KiireKiireKiire
2. En Sopeudu
3. Pelkkää Pahoinvointia
4. Ei saatana
5. Heikoin lenkki
6. Onks tää totuutta
7. Väärin
8. Verenpunainen huominen
9. Ostovoimaa
10. Odotukset ja vaatimukset
11. Numero ruudulla
12. Uuusi kiviaika

Not Available
first press 500 copies released January 2010
second press 500 copies released July 2010

third press 500 copies released December 2010
Third press is a cooperation together with No Options records in the US.

N.E.R. 025 - Oi Polloi, A Ceol Ar Canan Ar A Mach, LP

A repress, but for us it's a great and honourable part of releasing one of our biggest influces and most inspiring punk acts along the time of punk, and being into this kind of A//E political punk. Oi Polloi has been one of the most actively touring bands around this scene of punk, and this release is a brilliant follow up to the Fauim Catha. This release has been a Gaelic tounged release, compared to the previous release this edition comes with Englinsh explanations and a nice pacage to it.

1. Ar ceol s ar canan
2. Brosnachadh catha
3. Ramalair ruisgte
4. Ceud mile failte
5. La na sabaid
6. Daibhidh sneddon
7. Sgrudadh 2323
8. Bas dha t-siostam
9. Union jack? Thall's cac!
10. Fear a bhata
11. Cait a bheil an armachid leir-sgrios?
12. 9/11
13. Coin-chaorach is madaidhean-allaidh
14. ss politician

Coreleased together with Campary records.
second press 500 copies released October 2009

Not Available

N.E.R. 024 - Hårda Tider/Balance split 7"

Malmö hc and Lund hc

1. Upprensningen
2. Packet
3. Crazy but not Insane [Warzone]
1. Time to react
2. Masskontroll [No Security]

Corelease together with Hårda Skivor, Monument and Insitigate records.

Not Available
first press 1000 copies released 3:rd of October 2009

N.E.R. 022 - Project Hopeless, Av Hela Mitt Hjärta, 7"

4 new tracks pissed of A//E political hardcore punk, this is a more rougher and more straight forward recording than the previous "Välkommen.." 3 years ago. Still the same as the previous LP in most of ways, just some adjustments to the line up and back to a three piece and with a new drummer of insanity. Here follows a review from Folkzine:
"I told myself that I would only bring up older records to shed some light on bands I feel have that something extra, which I wouldn't want people to miss out. But this new record from Project Hopeless just had to be presented, and deserves it thousandfold!

I've always liked Project Hopeless, but from the second I first heard this, I was hooked. The new material is way over the top. Different from their previous material; you could say harder and more crushing in a way, yet with the same attitude and sincerity as always. Add to that a really interesting interpretation of a Swedish hiphop-artists song (“Av hela mitt hjärta” – best track on the record), an absolutely fantastic mastering of the record by Mattias, and you have one hell of a record that outdoes most of the so far released punk records of this year. It's catchy, has a monstrous sound that hard to come bye, and of course some snazzy sing-a-long choruses making for a rally impact that's hard to deny. Even the lyrics are well thought through and brings out the essence of the band in a magnificent way.

Available for FREE download on their website AND will be released as vinyl at the first show of their US-tour in a couple of weeks."

/ Andreas

1. En Enda Dag
2. Name Them, Frame Them
3. Crucified Freedom
4. Av Hela Mitt Hjärta

Coreleased together with Crisispoint, Distroy, Inget Jävla Chafs and Undislessed records.

first press 1000 copies released 15:th of May 2009

N.E.R. 021 - Hårda Tider, Vår Sak, 7"

Malmö hc.

1. Bring the Ruckus
2. Hardcore in the fucking streets
3. Området
4. Fuck snuten

Not Available
first press 500 copies released November 2008

N.E.R. 020 - Disco Volante "We are forever" CD

Awesome rock n roll punk as fuck out of the dirty south of Sweden, Malmö, loads of great guitar leads and from times really fucking angry screamed vocals which are combibned with some slower stuff as well, totally recommended kickass punk fuckin rock. Also to add they´re not just an amazing live band, that you shouldn´t miss out if getting the chance, they´re also setting your stereos on fire.

01. It's your funeral
02. Beat the blood out
03. Teeth in acid
04. Secret society
05. This is lobotomy
06. 1984

07. Night to my name
08. Selfdestruct
09. Shutdown/Blackout
10. Dead end street

first press 1000 copies released August 2008

N.E.R. 019 - Realities of war, Constructs of life E.P., 7"

Awesome d-beat anarcho crust punk out of the London area. Features vocalist Steve of Project Hopeless and members of Flyblown. Really fucking nice. Comes in a super cool folded jacket.

2. When will we ever learn?
3. Torture chamber
4. Orwell nation
5. Complicit
6. Look within

Co-release w Active Distribution, Crisispoint, Never healed and ROW records.

NOT Available

first press 500 copies released January 2012

N.E.R. 018 - Skitkids "Onna for pleasure" 12"

Too many years of an absence of this great rocknroll hardcore record, mix the raw scandi eighties hardcore with the Japanese buring spirit era and add the ACDC solos and you get this. You get the point, it..s awesome. And Finally available again!

2. Lycklig idiot
3. Dans mot friheten?
4. Glädjedödare
5. En gastronomisk resa
6. Ännu en gång vänder han kappan efter vinden
7. Behåll din skit för dig själv
8. Idioternas land

This was a co-release with Adult Crash.

Not Available
third press 500 copies released December 2008

N.E.R. 017 - Skitkids "Besöket vid krubban" CD

This is the latest of recordings of Skitkids, a brilliant record that makes you wanna monkey dance till death. Raw and brutal hardcore rawpunk with loads of great rock n roll guitar leads a hell of a drumming a thundering bass and a insanely and angry vocalist on top of all. Lyric wise you get a totally pissed writing in a sociopolitical way, against multicoporations, fucked rock stars behaviours within the punk scene and a big pis on the Swedish state of ruling the ones under their whip. Most intense and powerful recording up to date. Recorded september 11:th 2007 at Evil Grill studio Gothenburg by Crille, cover artwork by CrashMange, even looks fucking awesome. More than recommended.

01. Weekday suger röv
02. Visst e jag lycklig
03. Håll käft och stick!
04. Uppväxt till svin
05. Svinahunden
06. Allt mitt e ditt
07. Jävla pajas

first press 1000 copies released October 2007
second press 500 copies released February 27:th 2008

Vinyl version to be released by:
Hate records in Europe.
Room 101 records in the US.

N.E.R. 016 - Project Hopeless, Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik, LP

The last Project Hopeless record was a bit of a disappointment with a very bad sound production, but as soon as I put this new album in my stereo, it was pure bliss and I rejoiced. The sound has been corrected and the snare drum has a nice tune to it! This is more the Project Hopeless I know and the sound treats them well. With their A//E political, d-beat flavoured raw punk and characteristic high and low pitched vocals, they bring us a whole new LP with 10 tracks with the purest form of Project Hopeless. ..."[Folkzine]

01. Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik
02. Man är man
03. You ignorant bastard
04. From the dust and the concrete
05. Vem är det som slutligen vinner
06. Take a look around you
07. Flytta på dig
08. Fear
09. Dying roses
10. Never ending resistance

co released by us, Crisispoint, Dist and Confuzed, Realities of war and Tofu Guerilla

Not Available
first press 1000 copies Released May 2007
second press 500 copies Released May 2009

N.E.R. 015 - Konfrontation - "Nedbrytningsprocessen", LP

this was  a pretty much delayed release, what you'll get now is a more brutal and agony filled group, a bit slower parts than before but still the same feeling you´ve gotten from this band before they´ve said that they´ve gotten back a bit to their root and that´s really fucking cool, hardcore punk crust from Lkpg Sweden.

01. Inåtvänt hat
02. Som avfall
03. Underkastelse
04. Stäng av!
05. Ditt liv
06. Näringslivet styr
07. Försakelse
08. Tills sex har blivit maktutövande
09. Ett val utan alternativ
10. Falska poeter
11. Dödsdömd
12. Metamorfosen

Coreleased together with Dist & Confuzed, Halvfabrikat Rec, Container Rock Prod and Anarkopunx Rec

Not Available
first press 500 copies released July 2005

N.E.R. 014 - Aversion, Where man fears to tread, CD

Five peice crust unit out of Lkpg Sweden. This is a band that takes their lyrics seriously in a political and well written way. Together with this you get well played melodic crust hardcore with totally great and furious female vocals.

01. The hunter
02. Lost
03. Where man fear to tread
04. Fading away
05. Are we diseased
06. Wasteland
07. Echoes

Coreleased together with the band.

NOT Available
first press 500 copies released december 2004

N.E.R. 013 - Project Hopeless, Kalla jävla Samhälle, LP

A//E political hardcore raw punk in the Swedish way of rawpunk. Dual male vocals, high and low dark screamed voices of the dust of society. A split release between us and Alerta Antifascista records.

01. Kalla jävla samhälle
02. Helvetes marchen
03. Grunden
04. Totall kontroll
05. Burn your flag, fuck your state
06. Vår energi
07. Nedskärning
08. Bedövad
09. Pain fear agony
10. Du är slut som människa och ingen vill dig ha
11. Lyftet
12. Ser du ljuset i tunneln
13. Kollektivt myteri
14. Kängnäve

Not Available
first press 500 copies released September 2004
second press 270 copies released December 2004
third press 125 copies released Oct. 2005

Co released with Alerta Antifascista

N.E.R. 012 - Henrik Peterzons Orkester, Åt helvete med hela skiten, 7"

Swedish crustcore, brutal and hard agony screamin agro crust punk, with some rocking feelings as well. KÄNGNÄVE d-beat rawpunk.

01. Åt helvete med hela skiten
02. Praktikplats? Dra åt helvete!
03. Above the law
04. Fascist in the clouds
05. Krossad
06. Pray for salvation
07. Prozac nation
08. Who is the bastard

Not Available
first press 500 copies released May 2004

N.E.R. 011 - Uncle Charles, In crust we trust, 10"

The last breath from Frösöns UC, d-beat raw punk crust attack, three singers and loads of fury, could this go wrong.

01. Alltid ett finger med i spelet
02. Er frihet...
03. Värdighet kostar pengar
04. Förändrad=Förlorad
05. Nostalgi
06. Den bistra sanningen
07. Bit inte handen som föder dig
08. Yttrandefrihet?
09. Paradis/Helvete
10. Rustning är ett brott (MOB 47)
11. Sjukt ideal
12. Uncle Charles
13. Under storebrors armar
14. Nolltolerans

Corelease together with  JMK, Trailer Trash, New Noise, Evigt Lidande, CR, Dimman och Regression

Not Available
first press 703 copies released May 2004

N.E.R. 010 - BAMN, Anywhere but forward, 10"

Brutal neo crust, melodic and fast hardcore crust from Lkpg Swe. This is the first vinylrelease for these guys, but definitely a smashing one.

01. In lack of embrace
02. Zero lines
03. Heresy
04. Everything known to man can burn
05. Anywhere but forward
06. One foot follows the other
07. Inte krossad än
08. Closing the drapes
09. Sista dominobrickan
10. I skuggan

Coreleased together with Bridge, Pnc and Putrid filth conspiracy.

Not Available
first press 1000 copies released Feb 2004

N.E.R. 009 - Slicks, My Household Remedy, 7"

Four new tracks and this time we get a more hard attack from these guys, and it's more hardcore than the previous N.E.R.-release, it's hardcore punk rock, and definitely kickn'.

01. Vanishing Point
02. the Bottle and the Bride
03. Sleep Recipe
04. Rama Lama Ramhorn

first press 500 copies released Feb 2004

N.E.R. 008 - Project Hopeless/Offensive, split 7"

P.H. plays political swedish hardcore raw punk and Offensive plays political swedish crust punk. Great studio recording from P.H. and Offensives' part's live recorded from a gig in Karlskrona 02'. Two bands with total fury towards this failing system of abuse and exploitation.

Project Hopeless:
01. Social Revolution
02. Hit men inte längre utan skyddshjälm
03. Rätt & Fel
04. Jag vill inte va ett offer
05. Ångest, ångestär min arvedel

01. Riot just do it
02. Beat me up
03. White trash

Not Available
first press 530 copies released Sep 2003

N.E.R. 007 - V/A - ANTI-FA BENEFIT, Vi lär av historien, LP

This is a benefit compilation LP for anti-fascist activities in Sweden. It includes a lot of great punk music from around the world (mostly unreleased material) and also some info about the bands and the Swedish nazi/anti-nazi movement. This record´s been in the works of TDBL and Sunrise Records a long timenow, since both of the labels quit all their work we took care of the distribution of this one. the bands on the LP are:

Basta Basta (fin)
Jerkfront (ger)
Dissect (fin)
Project Hopeless (swe)
Solitary Neglect (usa)
Humus (nl)
Los Rezios (per)
Earth Today (fin)
Henrik Peterzons Orkester (swe)
Debris (sco)
Autoritär (ger)
Dread 101 (cz)
Human Bastard (usa)
Martyrdöd (swe)

Coreleased together with Undislessed and Loud at heart records.

first press 500 copies, released April 2006. Planned to bring 4000 Swedish crowns (~440 $) to the movement

N.E.R. 006 - Attitydproblem "Gammalt skit" CD

This is a compilation of the two vinyl releases their second CD "Revoltera Existera" the demo tape, which were recorded a couple of years ago with 27 songs in the way of Protes Bengt from the eighties. So this cd will contain 47 songs of crazy raw punk and stuff in that way.

Split release with Fet röj records.

Not Available
First press 200 copies released Aug 2003

N.E.R. 005 - Project Hopeless, Utsatt, 7"

This time it's rawer and give you a more true sound of what Project Hopeless gave you live, rawer and more agressive. If you like swedish raw punk in a dirty old way, this is probably for you.

01. Diskonto
02. Du är lurad
03. We live in anger, we live in fear
04. Jävla misär
05. Ingen hjärna
06. Moderat
07. Refresh your lies
08. They will never understand
09. Shoplift the system
10. Utsatt

Not Available
first press 525 copies released Feb 2003
second press 318 copies released Oct 2003

N.E.R. 004 - Konfrontation/Slicks, High flying plans, split 7"

Konfrontation plays political crust punk with two male singers in a hardcore way of swedish punk. Slicks plays a kind of raw punkrock that really swings ala Poison Idea.

01. Kallt krig
02. Svampmoln

01. At a kitchen maids pay
02. Nowhere to go (exept down)

Not Available
first press 500 copies released Feb 2003

N.E.R. 003 - Project Hopeless - s/t MC

We´ve copied up some tapes just to get it out as cheap as possible, we wanted to sell it, but the tapes were too shitty to sell so we give'em away, all with lyrics and so on.

Not Available
around 300 copies released Mar 2002

N.E.R. 002 - Attitydproblem "Revoltera existera" CD

This recording is much rawer then the other ones that they´ve made, more agressive and more brutal. Political Hardcore punk.

01. The true face of Jesus christ
02. The rotten machinery
03. Revoltera existera
04. On our own
05. Our scene
06. The smpire strikes back
07. This is our world
08. Autokratiskt Euro

Not Available
first press 100 copies released Aug 2002
second press 150 copies released

N.E.R. 001 - Project Hopeless, s/t, 7"

Screaming punk that are in the old wein, inspired by many bands but the sound became just what´s become. This is thrashing and dirty punk. Compared to loads of old bands from the old days.

01. Överklassen
02. P.H.
03. Stay away
04. Fascist in blue
05. Antifag (Moderat Likvidation)
06. It's your life
07. Landets bästa
08. Shell
09. Utvisningsnämnden
10. When the punx

Not Available
first press 300 copies released Jan 2002
second press 200 copies released ? 2002

NOT Available


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