måndag 7 juni 2021

Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP rerelease 2021

Here's a preview of our first official rerelease ever so far.

Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP

This has been one of my favorites a long time. Feels like I've spinned this a million of times and digitally. Brilliant it is in my book! Hope to see the light of day this summer 2021.

Cover's been extremely fixed and retouched by my dear friend Andreas Nilsson, just to make it look as the original, but now ”different”. Sound files not adjusted but fixed for pressing by my dear friend Mattias Persson. This will just be totally awesome. If you haven't heard this before, this will be the time for it. Just saying. More updates when we know about them.

Pressing is helped and handled by my awesome friend Mirek.

/ Oskar