tisdag 19 februari 2019

Genöme and Anhedoni / Remiso tapes are here!!

Genöme and Anhedoni / Remiso tapes are here!!
place your orders now, go to our bandcamp to listen as well if you like!

Malmö mangel!!

torsdag 7 februari 2019

Back home with full force

Hey ya all!
I'm back since a week from the amazing tour in Indonesia. The Crutches and Kontrasosial made an amazing impacty on me and the others and it feels like such an privilege to be able to do this.

As Im back home I'm to deal with a lot of new releases that's on their way here, as well as some plans of making the distro a bit more so that we can do more of what we already have. One good thing now is that I have a lot more time to deal with anything that has got to do with this page and the label since Ive decided to try not to work full-time elsewhere anymore. I've got the print-shop where I've got work to do, and hopefully more and this leads me to be able to focus even more here.
I hope I'll sort this good for you guys as well.

Got the Anhedoni / Remiso tapes a few days ago. Just wanna wait for the Genöme tapes to arrive to release them at the same time.
I'd say this week or in the beginning of the next.

Thanx for being here! / Oskar