fredag 22 april 2016

Updated webshop

Hours and hours infront of the computer, a huge update and for your pleasure just follow the link:

Have weeks to follow this to have all the items instock again, but we're getting there in a good way. As with the new Insidious Process LP we'll get a big update of new titels as trades getting downs as we speak. Updates will be there along the time!

Till laters / Oskar

tisdag 12 april 2016

crime enough? GIGS

what we have to offer from here.... this is it
at Harem Bar as last year

Friday show is the release show of the new Insidious Process LP, alongside Anhedoni and Offerstigen. DJ:SivSaliv makes it messy sounds wise in-between and after

lördag 9 april 2016

Back from the Japan tour w Crutches

Hey you all! Been away touring again. Had a fucking blast on the FIGHT THE PLAGUE - Japan rat raid. We met a ton of amazing people and had super nice time.

Now back home dealing with stuff in general. Happy to say that I got to listen to the final parts of the new Dårligt Selskab 12", this release is going to be great! Art is in progress and we'll send this of to go with a bunch of other planned releases this May. We'll sort out the Life / Zudas Krust split 7" at the same time. So this is going to be super great!
Been a hectic year already with new projects running which feels really great.

So for now just send in your orders for the great new release of the Insidious Process LP! Otherwise you'll regret it for sure!