torsdag 17 december 2015


Saturday fun!! Come and hang and watch some nice d-beat mangel at Harem bar here in Malmö.
As a antichistmas starter!!
We will head out for a second trip to South East Asia with CRUTCHES the 22:nd of December, but start to fire of this Saturday the 19:th.

tisdag 20 oktober 2015

Voidfiller - new band of....ours

Wanna give you an update on things. Me and some really great friends created a new European colaboration band called Voidfiller. Have a listen here if you like raw and brutal dirtcrust

fredag 2 oktober 2015

Up to make some more of it

Decided to make it a bit more, this because the situation of what I have, that is I'm getting more time than I had in a couple of years.
I do now offer the service to print your bands merch, that is t-shirts, patches, back patches and also pins if you like. So that info you can get at the MERCH MAKING section.

Making the best of our current situation of the webshop as well, progress is that we've gotten, it's kind of running now and hopefully I can make that as a test run with in the coming weeks.

But first we'll be over in Finland with Crutches next week, here's the dates:

8 OCT - FIN Turku, TVO, w/ Darfur
9 OCT - FIN Helsinki, Lepakkomies, w/ Kovaa Rasvaa, Better not born, Darfur and Vuosi nolla
10 OCT - FIN Tampere, Vastavirta, w/ Kovaa Rasvaa, Better not born, Darfur and Vuosi nolla

till then my friends / Oskar

onsdag 16 september 2015

bandcamp merch part added

So! Since we haven't gotten the webshop up yet I added the titels we had to the merch section on the bandcamp we've just uploaded, so if interested in bying our available releases please go through that one.

That was as good as we could do at the moment. Or if you have the interest in dropping by our storage/distro room here in Malmö, then just drop a line and we'll arrange a meeting. We have loads of distro that's just waiting for you!

tisdag 8 september 2015


Hey ya'll!!
Happy to annouce our BANCAMP -- trying to upload most of our releases to get you all as satisfied as possible!! ALSO --- Seen a preview of the coming webshop as well, and I think this is going to be super awesome!!!


måndag 31 augusti 2015


This sunday!! Here in Malmö at Harem bar Augustenborg, we make it a HAREM MANGEL night again! This time we're happy to see our Russian friends of DISTRESS mangel the d-beat raw and loud, alongside the new Malmö disclone act GLORIOUS? will join and put the noise to a fact!
50 SEK pay and suport the touring bands and the possibility to see more of madness!!

onsdag 5 augusti 2015

new release CRUTCHES - FörlOrAD 12"

Hey you all! As you seen we do not have a functioning webshop at the moment, still we have a bunch of stuff available. NEW release out is the new CRUTCHES - FörlOrAD 12"

Have a listen:

For possible orders of these please send us and e-mail to: dustnconcrete(A) add an @ instead (A) just to avoid some stupid commercial e-mails.

along with the summer we have a new webshop on it's way! Then you'll be able to place your orders again!! Oh if you by any reasons would be  in Malmö, send me an e-mail and we can arrange a meeting in the store/storage/office/distro where we have loads of records waiting for you

måndag 13 juli 2015

Up to change

Hey you all!!

Decided to get a new webshop, and as for now it's under construction thanx to Petr V who's been doing the work for our fellow distro comrades from Czech Phobia records and Insane society. This is all going to be available in a month or so.

måndag 25 maj 2015


We managed  really well with our first try putting on shows at the local bar in Augustenborg - HAREM so we got the possibility again! This time!! ::

Fear of Extinction from Prague comes by and delivers some cimex-mangel in first class. Since we're playing w URSUT in just a few days after this show we decided to join in with FOE to make a nice night of this. So for the first time in over two years we, URSUT, play Malmö and this at HAREM bar together w Fear of Extinction. Hope to see as many of you's there as possible!!
9/6 and please bring some cash for the touring ones!!

måndag 11 maj 2015

Antlers and Crutches live in Malmö 20/5

Antlers from gemanland and parts from spain something are coming to Malmö. Antlers play a blackened metal style that get a load of hints from the crust scene, where these people originates, think dark and harsh.
We put on this show for them along side our own Crutches, the first show in Malmö in over a year. This - at the local bar  Harem in Augustenborg. Early show since it's a living area and such.
Crutches start a bit after 20:00 Antlers something around 21:00. Bring some cash to donate to the travelers, would be nice w at least 50 kr each. Anyhow. This will be a great try to see if we can bring some more to this nice bar.

fredag 8 maj 2015


Sent of the new CRUTCHES 12" to be called FörlOrAD to the pressing plant and that one will hopefully end up here within a couple of weeks. Super exited about getting new stuff out for sure!

Been slow here lately, as recording for this project and also trying to find out some new solutions to the failing of our webstore I haven't managed to get it all straight.
Think that I came to the conclusion that I'll take it all away and just remake it all from scratch.... yeah you could probably get what it will be from that. No shop for a while.... But as it's been in the past I need to see some changes.

All new releases and available releases will still be able to get from here or the new possible store when ever I manage to get the new stuff going.

Until the ultimate change is all in you can still order stuff through the still kind of functioning store.

If you might find your order falling through or something just tell me!
 / Oskar

lördag 10 januari 2015

a new year and 13 years passed

13 years of disobedience and DIY punk life
and 2015 will be a year of creations to kill the inner restlessness

As well, a big bunch of new titels to the distro NEWS