onsdag 5 augusti 2015

new release CRUTCHES - FörlOrAD 12"

Hey you all! As you seen we do not have a functioning webshop at the moment, still we have a bunch of stuff available. NEW release out is the new CRUTCHES - FörlOrAD 12"

Have a listen:

For possible orders of these please send us and e-mail to: dustnconcrete(A)yahoo.com add an @ instead (A) just to avoid some stupid commercial e-mails.

along with the summer we have a new webshop on it's way! Then you'll be able to place your orders again!! Oh if you by any reasons would be  in Malmö, send me an e-mail and we can arrange a meeting in the store/storage/office/distro where we have loads of records waiting for you

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