lördag 29 december 2012

Institution , Domen är satt 12" IS HERE TO ORDER

Got this amazing 12" today, thanks to Larre making it get to Malmö safe and sound!
ORDER now!! This is to good to be missed out!
I qote mr Krogh:

"Do you know what you get when you put people who's been in bands such as Totalitär, Meanwhile and Herätys in the same studio for a while? One of the best records of 2012! Maybe even one of the best to ever come out of Sweden!? Maybe even the world!? Ok, I'm getting a bit too excited here - but that's how fucking good this is. Anyone who misses any, or all, of those bands listed earlier needs this and if you don't buy it I don't want to be your friend."

follow this link as well to get the point!!

tisdag 18 december 2012

Contorture testpress is here!!!

Today we got the testpress for the Contorture "Who's in charge" 12". It sounds great to my ears! Hope that the band will feel the same, then we'll just have to give the pressing plant the heads up for the next step! Really exited about getthing this piece out as soon as possible!

lördag 1 december 2012

Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta 12"

Felt that I had to write a line about this!
Picked up the 12":es at the psotoffice today, thanks for the trade RAWBY recs.
This is a fucking great record. Been lsitening to it 5 times allready and I must say that this is a need for the ones into Swedish fucking käng! Members of the past and present: Uncurbed, Svart Parad and Asocial to name a few, this doesn't really matter since it's an mazing record as it is, but I guess it says a lot though!
We got a bunch so drop your mailbomb!