måndag 27 januari 2014

Insidious Process LP is here and available for orders!

Get the new nice LP of Insidious Process! We managed to bring all our batch back home from GBG this weekend, when being part of the release show. The show was amazing and all the people seemed to have a good time! Folow the link and have a good one!!


fredag 17 januari 2014

Insidious Process review

Our comrades Aborted Society Records are about to release a fucking way beyond raging album by INSIDIOUS PROCESS. Over ten songs and 30 minutes, this band will hold you captive with their onslaught of fully charged D-Beat. All of their songs have a great sense of urgency infused with an almost bluesy fury. INSIDIOUS PROCESS’s self-titled album is full of emotion that makes you realize our fight against the status quo is not over and has only begun. Every song is an anthem against those that would like to do away with progressive thought. I know that music can be used as a weapon against corruption, and INSIDIOUS PROCESS’ music is a wake up call for us all! CVLT Nation has the honor of streaming this powerful album in full below…Nuff respect to Aborted Society Records & INSIDIOUS PROCESS…