lördag 29 april 2023

Arsenik store, New location

 Officiall party opening stuff! Yes! Arsenik has a new location, and that means that we have a new place to share the madness of the Not Enough DISTRO. 

If in town, stop by. 

You are all welcome as long as you’re not an fascist, religious dumbass, sexist misogynist, homophonic moron or just an random idiot! 

#upthepunx #antifascist #arsenikbutik #arsenik 

torsdag 27 april 2023

Simbiose / Visions of War split 7"

Hellgian Visions of War teams up with Portuguese Simbiose for a brutal and uncompromising thunderstorm of a split 7". Co released with friends from the D.I.Y. community! Punk is Support!! Not Competition!

order your copies: