This is what I've done for bands and others.
If interested in having a hand painted banner, then just write.

 Dis Is Malmö - fest banner 2018
Mangel - banner 2018

CRUTCHES - freedom MANGEL updated one 2017

 CRUTCHES - freedom MANGEL 2017

SLUTET - logo 2017

URSUT - Köp dig lycklig 2016 banner

For an alternative system
Against their sexist homophobic religious bullshit

No Sanctuary
stage banner made for the festival

No Sanctuary
entrance banner for the festival

commission work done for my dear Berliners! 

Against the borders and the nationalistic shit systems!
Commission work for NO SANCTUARY fest

Bigger stage-banner for VOIDFILLER

spiral-cabinet banner for VOIDFILLER

triangel-cabinet banner for VOIDFILLER

for my loved one as a anti-christ mass gift

....a room of more...

CRUTCHES south east asia tour banner

AMEBIX arise banner

AVFART 33 sax banners

CRUTCHES crutched rathead

CRUTCHES krigstutan


CRUTCHES lurad cover banner

CRUTCHES mangeling for freedom - always antifascist

CRUTCHES ratskeleton

HANNERZ family banner

NOT ENOUGH garlic head

PROJECT HOPELESS av hela mitt hjärta

PROJECT HOPELESS crucified freedom

 PROJECT HOPELESS never ending resistance

URSUT birdsnest

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