fredag 8 maj 2015


Sent of the new CRUTCHES 12" to be called FörlOrAD to the pressing plant and that one will hopefully end up here within a couple of weeks. Super exited about getting new stuff out for sure!

Been slow here lately, as recording for this project and also trying to find out some new solutions to the failing of our webstore I haven't managed to get it all straight.
Think that I came to the conclusion that I'll take it all away and just remake it all from scratch.... yeah you could probably get what it will be from that. No shop for a while.... But as it's been in the past I need to see some changes.

All new releases and available releases will still be able to get from here or the new possible store when ever I manage to get the new stuff going.

Until the ultimate change is all in you can still order stuff through the still kind of functioning store.

If you might find your order falling through or something just tell me!
 / Oskar

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