lördag 2 juli 2022

Heads up!!! Distro

Heads up!!

For the first time in many years we’ll attend Punk Illegal fest selling records and stuff.

That means we’ll be having a hard time to deal with in stock web wise. All orders before this  coming Tuesday will be set aside and sent asap. The rest will have to wait, and if not available refunded.

If you wanna dig through our crates you’re welcome to come by Tyrolen and Punk Illegal festival 8-9:th of July.

See you!!

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onsdag 26 januari 2022

Uncurbed, Keeps The Banner High - LP out now!!!

Uncurbed, Keeps The Banner High - LPs are here!!

Finally I get the opportunity to celebrate this brilliant record with you all.

Place your orders via 

Artwork retouched and fixed to 1000% by Andreas Nilsson, also the little extras as the postcards, that you need to the long lost friends, stickers that were made out of unused material for the collage at the time. Made as t-shirts to be able to buy separately. All printed on fair condition shirts No Sweat UK by Mangel Productions

Music were fixed to be pressed by Matte Pe sceleris, this since the original recordings were to hard to find. All sounds amazing!!
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onsdag 12 januari 2022

Finally!! Uncurbed Lps on its way to Malmö


Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP

I’ve been waiting half a year now, as so many others due to the lack of time at the pressing plants. Expected this brilliant rerelease to be out a while ago, but what could be better than to start the 20:th year of label existence than releasing one of my total favorite LPs.

I will not take any preorders, because of possible delivery fuckups. I hope to have them here in a couple of weeks. Mirek picked them up today. So it should be here soon. Special t-shirts will be available to order at the same time as I have the Lps here in Malmö.

Excitement overload!!! ❤️

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onsdag 15 december 2021

Visions of war / Arrogänt split LP REPRESS out now.

The second press arrived today!

Got returned to by PostNord as soon as they arrived to Malmö. But now it’s here.

Due to circumstances that’s out of the bands hands the covers are different from the first press. Some, a limited amount have the same gatefold covers and some others a plain folded sheet. Looks great though.

White vinyls and same kick songs! Get yours now!

 Existence and Scream records.

onsdag 3 november 2021

Not Enough promo “zine”

 Promotional “zine” -ish stuff. A3 printed, then folded into A5 sized copies. Non-interviews with Asocial and Life as promotion to the releases. Comes for free with order. Can be found at Arsenik Butik and some other places where I’ll try to put/place them.

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söndag 8 augusti 2021

Visions of war / Arrogänt split LP out now.

Belgian crusters team up for a deafening d-beat thunder release.

Visions of war is the long runners out of these two. Here with a new recording that marks a new era with a solid set of growling gutter crust and brilliant d-beat to it. Arrogänt delgivets tjejer debute of release with this release. Dark crusty d-beat with strong growling vocals that makes your fists longing for more.

All together released by us and Loner Cult, Breeding for existence, Phobia, Missing the point, Profane Existence and Scream records.

måndag 7 juni 2021

Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP rerelease 2021

Here's a preview of our first official rerelease ever so far.

Uncurbed, Keeps the banner high - LP

This has been one of my favorites a long time. Feels like I've spinned this a million of times and digitally. Brilliant it is in my book! Hope to see the light of day this summer 2021.

Cover's been extremely fixed and retouched by my dear friend Andreas Nilsson, just to make it look as the original, but now ”different”. Sound files not adjusted but fixed for pressing by my dear friend Mattias Persson. This will just be totally awesome. If you haven't heard this before, this will be the time for it. Just saying. More updates when we know about them.

Pressing is helped and handled by my awesome friend Mirek.

/ Oskar