tisdag 20 september 2016

Firday 23/9

This week we'll have a show with Ursut and Anhedoni at Harem Bar here in Malmö.

Ursut will also be playing in Gothenburg the day after the 24:th


torsdag 4 augusti 2016

going down tonight

Visions Of War
Nuke From Orbit

Tonight at Harem Bar here in Malmö! Join us for a mad night!

lördag 16 juli 2016

Updates with new merch

Managed to get a bunch of records with home after the Voidfiller trip to Germany and Poland. And I also managed to get all the Voidfiller merch in to the system so please fill in some orders if you like.

New records from Alerta Antifascista and Ruin Nation.
Vicious Irene / Vehemence split LP
Extinct Exist LP
Fall Of Efrafa LP
Fall Of Efrafa / Down To Agony LP

tisdag 5 juli 2016

Voidfiller 12" is here and goes on tour

With the help of great friends we have the Voidfiller 12" available and a mini tour takes of today. tape version is being made as we speak, as well as the CD version that will see its light during the summer as well.

If by chance begin in Germany/Poland here's the dates

Disaster trip - July
6:th Hannover - Stumpf
7:th Leipzig - LIWI
9:th Gdynia - DIY fest
10:th Berlin - Koma F
Orders can be placed here:

fredag 1 juli 2016

URSUT LP:s are here

Here's the new Ursut LP "köp dig lycklig" also available on CD, Spotify, bandcamp and iTunes Store. 

Happy to have my bands new release here and available for you, you who might be interested in some fine bulldozer dödskäng in the typical Swedish way that is.

Listen here:



onsdag 22 juni 2016

Voidfiller 12" to PREORDER

The Voidfiller 12" arrived to Germany a day ago, you can already place your preorders if you like. Follow the link here:

Full album will be uploaded in a week, till then have a listen to the demo here:

fredag 17 juni 2016

URSUT köp dig lycklig - LP/CD pre orders ready!!

WE got it confirmed that we'll be able to handle the orders of the new URSUT köp dig lycklig LP/CD from the 1:st of July, so for the ones into getting their versions ordered from us please do so here:


We will send out all orders as soon as we have the physical records at home. But please feel free to place your orders now if you like!
PREVIEW FREE LISTENS HERE: https://ursut.bandcamp.com