torsdag 5 januari 2017

new year .: --- new chaos..

Hey ya all!!

Happy to announce a few things....,,.

Got the Life and Zudas Krust 7" of to the pressing plant last week. looking forward to get these vinyls out there for theee who can't stay away from the madness of DIY spirited crust as fuck recordings such as these.

1000 will be made, we're cooperating with Phobia records as the partnership been growing greatly in the past years as well as Crust war records from Japan and headnoise records from Russia, might be a fifth SE Asian label cooperating, we'll see in a weeks time. 200 solid green ones as limited color versions as so many of you's enjoy and the rest of 800 copies black vinyls. All these will be spread equally amongst the labels and the band royalties.

Other news is that we also got the covers for the Dårligt Selskab 12"/LP of to press as well, not really intentionally to be like this, but the result will be as awesome as you can imagine. The title of the record's KÖBEHAVN, just saying the name of the political bombardment!

Utanförskapet is also geting ready with their recordings, slowly, but steady as fuck! Looking forward to hear the result of this one for sure!

We're also going to start the new recording for Crutches any week now. Got a bunch of new and great equipment for the Nidis studio so that will be superb!! Have mega urge to get all our songs together to finally put the nails to the inverted cross of this one.

Along side all these happy news I also wanna announce that we will start the realisation of the compilation LP DIS IS MALMÖ 2017 that we will put out this year as well. more info will be updated, but I can assure you, that you will not be disappointed.

lördag 26 november 2016

måndag 14 november 2016

Ursut repress available, Dårligt Selskab 12" sooon out

Hey ya all!
As the last week turned kind of dark in so many peoples minds concerning the US election, we fell behind leaving the good new of the repress of the Ursut "köp dig lycklig" LP. Arrived in the beginning of the week but felt like it could wait a bit. All orders can be made at the webshop

Along side we got the Dårligt Selskab records a few weeks ago, the reason that I haven't posted anything about that is that we still need to wait for the covers to be printed. The idea has been that the guys in Copenhagen would  make it a screen printed version, but we'll see what'll be the result. Still fucking stoked about this so as soon as we get the covers we'll let you know and then you get the chance to get your copies. Sounds fucking awesome and is all what we hoped for when we started the cooperation! Full throttle anarchopunk rager from the Copenhagen.
This is what you'll get in a while!!

Been on tour with Crutches two weeks ago, along with the great guys in Riistetyt, this lead to some sold out merch and other that I need to reprint, so I'm sorry for the delay in this, needed to order shirts again to make the prints. WE managed to get a bunch of records back home though so check the latest additions for some raw Finnish and Japanese hardcorepunk records.

More to come!!

måndag 10 oktober 2016

Riistetyt and Crutches will head out this week!

So! We're heading out for the first part of the "Crashing through Scandinavia" tour with Crutches this weekend. This is a tour together with Riistetyt and will start by us getting over to Finland this weekend, and then two weeks later we'll start the Swedish/Norwegian/Danish part the 29:th of October in Örebro. Spread the word! And we'll bring a distro part for the second part of the tour, just so you know.

for more info you could go to the Facebook tour event:

tisdag 20 september 2016

Firday 23/9

This week we'll have a show with Ursut and Anhedoni at Harem Bar here in Malmö.

Ursut will also be playing in Gothenburg the day after the 24:th

torsdag 4 augusti 2016

going down tonight

Visions Of War
Nuke From Orbit

Tonight at Harem Bar here in Malmö! Join us for a mad night!

lördag 16 juli 2016

Updates with new merch

Managed to get a bunch of records with home after the Voidfiller trip to Germany and Poland. And I also managed to get all the Voidfiller merch in to the system so please fill in some orders if you like.

New records from Alerta Antifascista and Ruin Nation.
Vicious Irene / Vehemence split LP
Extinct Exist LP
Fall Of Efrafa LP
Fall Of Efrafa / Down To Agony LP