fredag 5 juli 2024

Attention!!! Punk Illegal 2024


We will be at the Punk Illegal festival from the 12:th till the 13:th of July. All DISTRO will be brought and we will most likely sell out of many titles. If you still want to place orders you’re welcome to do so before Thursday 11:th of July. I’ve decided not to close down the store, but to keep you all aware about the fact that it’s possible to see titles gone. 

The reason I choose not to close the website till I’ve managed to do a full inventory is that I know that many of you guys have the patience and also like to order our releases, which we are in stock with. Also to be able to keep it running instead of being totally closed.

See you if we see you at this year’s Punk Illegal fest at Svartmyra.

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måndag 1 juli 2024

SLAN , Ägd - LP out now

 SLAN, Ägd - LP

Gothenburg power d-beat rawpunk. This is their follow up to their well recieved first 7”, and what a follow up. It’s angrier more raw and yeah, more of everything.

Fast and angry as fuck!

co release together with



Rawmantic disasters

Way back when records

Design by Cretan and Andreas.

Recorded by Mattias and Pojo february 2024.

Mixed and mastered by Mattias Persson.

#slangbg #slan #rawpunk #gotheburgdbeat #ägd #notenoughrecords #autoreverserecords #flyktsoda #rawmanticdisastersrecords #waybackwhenrecords

måndag 17 juni 2024

Lautstürmer, Förruttnelsen- LP out now

Lautstürmer, Förruttnelsen - LP out now!

Their third fullength release and it’s a damn awesome follow up.

Brilliant and brutal as always. Full on speed d-beat raw punk.

This release is a cooperation with De:Nihil and Phobia records. Great minds think of madness! 

A bunch of limited colored vinyls and the rest as black vinyls. A bunch of t-shirts with special designs from the new cover. 

#lautsturmer #lautstürmer #skanedbeat #rawpunk #dbeat #forruttnelsen #notenoughrecords #denihilrecords #phobiarecords 

fredag 7 juni 2024

19:th of June, Nightfeeder, Lautsturmer and Crutches

 Not to long till this awesome night. And not to just have this night to welcome Nightfeeder to Malmö, we can hopefully celebrate the release of the brand new Lautsturmer LP at the same time. You don’t wanna miss out if you are in town at the 19:th of June!


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torsdag 25 april 2024

måndag 12 februari 2024

new year and stuff

 Start of with a new zine…some REALLY short Q and A with the bands we released/worked with the past year and coming. I also wanted to highlight the awesome person Starfighter, he’s been helping me a lot with the webstuff, but it’s also to most of yours interest that he makes the Bomberna Faller pod with d-beat stuffs.

Anyhow. I want to give this as an appreciation to everyone supporting the label and distribution source we are. This zine thingie is for free of charge when ordering. Or if I manage to hand it out to various places.

2000 copies made. 12 pages of disturbing noise, 170g papers of weirdness.

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söndag 8 oktober 2023

Swordwielder represses and merch

 Swordwielder update.

Got represses of both the recent Wielding metal massacre mini LP and their previous System overlord LP. Released by their own Wielding metal massacre recordings.

Officially distributed by Not Enough.

Got a box of their first fullength release Grim visions of battle CDs so all that you can and want to get by the band is here.

All with this I’ve printed a bunch of shirts, back patches and patches.

Order via:


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