onsdag 16 juli 2014


Hey ya all! Been away for a month, so if you feel that I need to get back to you about your possible order or something like that, please let me know. Had a blast on tour w CRUTCHES at the west coast of the USA all together w the amazing people and band FRUSTRATION, get their LP from our webshop, totally recomended!!

There's been a load of new stuff that arrived these last day. So check that out, here's the recent ones added to the distro:

MISANTROPIC / EATEN RAW split LPRAJOITUS / UNTAFÖRSKAPET split LPVICIOUS IRENE "Distorted State Of Mind”  LPCRESS "The Greed Machine ...”  2xLPAGRIMONIA  "Host Of The Winged”  2xLP AGRIMONIA  "S/t.”  LP DISHONORABLE DIS "Nightmare Visions"  12" DETESTATION  "S/t.” LP OIPOLLOI  "Fuaim Catha”  LP KNUSTE RUTER  "Bruddstykker (Fractions)”  LP PROTESTERA  "01.05.1886”  LPDYSTOPIA "S/t.”  LP VICIOUS IRENE  "Thrash Your Future"  7” EPCROSS STITCHED EYES "Decomposition"  LP SUMMON THE CROWS "One More For..."  LP

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